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Best Bang for Your Buck: Benefits of Subway Tile & 6 Ways to Lay it Out

There are many benefits of subway tile that extend beyond its timeless appeal. Whether we’re doing a tile installation job in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, or on the other side of the country, this rectangular tile is one of the most popular types of tile for many reasons.

Benefits of Subway Tile

It’s Affordable.

This classic building material has many attractive qualities but the most universally touted is its affordability. While you can find any tile type cheaply, finding it affordably is a different matter. Cheap is often a reflection of quality. Affordable is a reflection of price.

We always prioritize quality and never use or suggest using cheap products. However, we’re all for using affordable ones.

Kitchen tile installation

Because subway tile is usually ceramic, covers more surface area and involves less grout work than many other, more complex types of tiles like mosaics, it simply costs less. So if you’re looking to add the timeless appeal of tile to your space on a budget then subway tile is your best bet.

It’s Attractive.

As we’ve already mentioned, a major subway tile benefit is its clean and attractively angular shape. Regardless of your layout, the ecumenical applications of this classic tile type create a spacious, stunning look.

It’s Versatile

You can use subway tiles in kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. There are many colours and finishes from which to choose, so one of the biggest benefits of subway tile is that it will bring its aesthetic merit just about anywhere you need it.

Barthroom tile installation

Even the sizes of subway tile have variety. There’s the standard 3-in x6-in tile, 4-in x 8-in, 4-in x 16-in and other subtle variations.

Another amazing aspect of subway tile is that it can be installed in many different orientations, helping to achieve the perfect look for any room.

Six of Our Favourite Subway Tile Layouts

1. Classic Running Bond

Classic running bond tile
This brick-stacked horizontal-running subway tile layout is one of the most popular orientations. It’s the layout that’s famously attributed to this tile’s namesake: the New York subway stations of the early 1900s. This straight design can make a small room look longer and when done in a lighter colour, more spacious as well.

2. Classic Herringbone

Classic herringbone tile
This is your classic herringbone subway tile layout. Many of our projects for tile installation in Brampton and beyond have used this layout, and no matter where we put it, classic herringbone never gets old, adding easy, elegant style to any space.

Pro-tip: Keep in mind that because you’ll be making more cuts with a herringbone pattern, you’ll need more tile. 10% is a good overage to aim for.

3. Diagonal Running Bond

Diagonal running bond tile
Rotate your classic brick running bond 45 degrees for an inspired twist on standard subway tile. This look is excellent for smaller spaces since the design expands the area while maintaining a timeless appearance.

4. Stacked Vertical

Stacked vertical tile
Make your space appear taller with a stacked vertical subway tile layout. The technique is simple: place your tiles vertically on top of and beside one another.

5. L-Herringbone

L-herringbone tile
Offering an element of edge with equal parts elegance. The benefits of subway tile design in this perpendicular pattern include the notable ability to make a small space look taller and wider thanks to the clean, straight lines.

6. Double Basketweave

Double basketweave tile
We love a double basketweave layout for backsplash. While this intricate pattern can be overwhelming in large areas, it adds an equally fun and sophisticated pop to smaller spaces.

Whichever layout you choose, you really cannot go wrong with this tile type thanks to the many subway tile benefits. Of course, part of the appeal of this tile design is its precision, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need professional and affordable tile installation services. We’re here to help with a free consultation or quote for any project, big or small.

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