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Updating The Eternal Debate: Light vs. Dark Floors

For many homeowners wanting to update their floors, the question is less about which flooring material to choose and more about what colour suits their space. Which is better, light or dark floors? And does it matter?

If you’re about ready to overhaul your floors, here’s everything you need to know about light and dark flooring—plus tips on which one works best for your room!

The Pros Of Light Floors 

You don’t need to search and ask multiple floor contractors near you to tell you the benefits of light flooring—we can do that for you! Light floors complement many styles and spaces by brightening and modernizing them.

The pros of light flooring for your space are:  

  • Your space feels bigger: If you’re updating the flooring in a smaller space and want to make the room feel larger, you’ll want light floors. Light floors brighten and make any space feel light and airy.
  • It always looks clean: If you have kids, pets, or a dirty job and don’t want to clean up messes constantly, consider light flooring, as it conceals dirt better than dark floors.
  • It’s subtle: Light floors blend in; they don’t stand out. Because they are so subtle, they also mesh well with a minimalist design scheme. So, consider light flooring if you want your decor to do the talking.

The Pros Of Dark Flooring

Most homeowners gravitate to darker flooring, especially with hardwood. And what’s not to love about dark flooring? It’s captivating, classic, and always trendy. 

These are some reasons you should install dark floors: 

  • Better property value: Hardwood flooring increases the value of your home, but dark floors, specifically dark hardwood, will boost the value of your home if you’re considering selling. 
  • They are rich and add warmth: Dark flooring is like hot chocolate, rich yet warm and inviting. Darker floors are so versatile that they can take on a sophisticated look with the right decor or make your space feel warm and cozy. 
  • They retain their original colour: Darker flooring doesn’t fade as quickly as lighter floors because it absorbs sunlight, so it pairs well in a room with plenty of natural sunlight.

Light Or Dark: Which Flooring Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for a flooring contractor near you to install the right floors, let’s ensure you know which colour will suit your space. Here are some tips to help you decide whether light or dark flooring is best for your room.

  • Colour match: If you’re updating your kitchen or bathroom and your cabinets are white, then pick the opposite for your floors. If you pick the same shade, it will bleach out or darken the space.
  • Design style: What’s your decor or design style like? Light floors lend themselves to modern, minimalist, or contemporary looks, while darker flooring can be rustic or sophisticated.
  • Your lifestyle: If you have pets, kids, or a dirty job, you may want easier-to-maintain flooring. Light floors are great for hiding dirt.
  • Your room size: As we mentioned above, if you have a small space, lighter rooms will make it feel larger.
  • Your room: Use cozy or sophisticated dark flooring in living rooms, bedrooms, or grand hallways. Light floors always pair well in bathrooms. Everything in between depends on the look and feel you want to achieve for the space.
  • Natural light: Choose darker flooring for a room with a lot of natural light, as it will retain its original colour longer than light flooring, which will fade quickly. And if you have a dark or dim room, add light flooring to brighten it up!

The Cons Of Light And Dark Floors

Before you hire a flooring installer near you to install new floors, you want to know all about them—the good, the bad, and the not-so-good! 

Here are the drawbacks to light and dark flooring:

  • Light flooring: The primary issues with light flooring are that it is prone to fading in a room with a lot of natural light and it is a muted colour, which could be problematic for a homeowner who wants to create that flooring “wow factor.”
  • Dark flooring: In contrast, dark flooring is so eye-catching that it is noticeable when your floors are dirty or damaged. Another concern with darker flooring is that it can make small spaces feel even smaller.

Final Thoughts On Light vs. Dark Floors

We wish there were a clear-cut answer for which colour flooring is best, but as you can see, it depends on a number of factors like your space, style, and lifestyle. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some ground rules that can help direct your selection, such as lighter floors are best in smaller spaces.

But if you need a second opinion, don’t forget to give us the Brothers Flooring a call today for a free consultation! We are confident that we can help shed light on which flooring colour is best for your space!   

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