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Everything You Need to Know About Accent Walls

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If you want to add some pizzazz to your room, why not get tile installers in Vaughan or across the GTA to create an accent wall? Accent walls are an effective way to show off your personality and add character to your space. Let’s dive into accent walls and everything you should know about creating one. 

What Is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is one wall that differs in colour, pattern, texture, or design from the rest. Why? Because the point is to “accent” or “feature” one wall to create visual interest. For instance, a feature wall can break up a room’s four walls of colour by offering a complementing design element, like a stone wall, to add texture and warmth.

When to Use an Accent Wall

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Not every room in your house suits an accent wall. If you’re bringing in a tile installer from Vaughan or elsewhere to create an accent wall, these are some of the occasions when you should consider using one:

  • An accent wall will spruce up a “flat” rectangular space that lacks architectural design.
  • You can’t go wrong with an accent wall in your entryway to welcome your guests into your space and showcase your personality.
  • Perhaps the most well-known spot for an accent wall is behind your bed, as it’s a great way to draw the eye to the bed, the focal point of every bedroom.
  • Break up a long room by turning the end or smaller wall into an accent, which naturally widens the room.
  • If you have a large room and are unsure how to make it feel cozy, try adding an accent wall. 
  • A mounted TV will already draw your attention, so elevate it further by turning it into a feature wall.

There’s no shortage of ways to add accent walls to homes, especially if you get creative. 

The Best Materials for an Accent Wall

Although many homeowners associate paint or wallpaper with an accent wall, why limit yourself when you can create a natural and inviting look with tile, wood or stone? All these materials can transform your room, and most importantly they can match any style preference.

  • Tile: Tile is an excellent choice for moisture-rich rooms like a bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, or entryway, as it’s water-resistant for easy clean-up. But it’s also a great material for any space! These days, tile (porcelain or ceramic) comes in an array of patterns, colours, and stone or wood-look; the latter means you can install these “look” tiles anywhere you’d use wood or stone!
  • Design Tip: If you want to create a feature wall, browse the tile selection for trendy patterns like geometrics and have your tile installer in Vaughan or elsewhere put up an accent wall. Using geometric or other patterns is an excellent way to make your accent wall the room’s focal point.  

  • Wood: Wood can naturally elevate the look of your space and so it’s a great option for accent walls. Not to mention, wood accent walls span every design taste from rustic to contemporary. White-to-light wood accents create a clean, sophisticated, or modern ambiance, while mid-to-dark woods are dramatic and moody.
  • Design Tip: For homeowners wanting a peaceful and inviting bathroom, get your tile installer in Vaughan or across the GTA to put up a mid-coloured wood slat wall. Wood slats with tiles and potted plants will turn your washroom into a tranquil oasis.

  • Stone: If you want to add texture to your room, you should consider stone. Stone accent walls aren’t just limited to your bathroom or kitchen; they can complement any space. Stone brings warmth to your space and is a timeless addition to any room.
  • Design Tip: Getting tile installers in Vaughan to put up a textured stone wall behind the TV is a great way to utilize the whole wall, not just the black screen.

Gone are the days of painting an accent wall a different colour than the room and calling it a day. Now, you have so many options to give life to bland rooms and make any space truly your own. 

Should You Install an Accent Wall?

If your room is rather sparse and could use some character, then perhaps it’s time you considered adding an accent wall. Accent walls are an easy way for you to transform your room from bland to extraordinary! For creative or trendy homeowners, then tile is a great option. Wood is traditional, inviting, and suitable for any style, and stone is ideal for those who want to add texture to their space.

If you’re struggling to level u[ your space, don’t hesitate to call the Brothers Flooring for a free consultation. We can help you decide which wall to accent and which materials would complement the vision you have for your space. 

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