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Depending on the type of service the wood flooring would be installed we would first inspect to make sure and then provide the options available to meet the customer’s renovation needs.

Yes, we are experts in hardwood, and perform the full range of traditional wood services, including refinishing, polishing, waxing and oiling, and flooring repairs and restoration.

Yes. We have all the appropriate forms of insurance for the kind of work we do. Currently, our general liability insurance covers up to one million dollars.

Yes, before we consider a job complete, we do a mandatory walkthrough with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work.

The Brothers Flooring team will be the guide to your specific installation. Every project is different, but typical installations require 500 square feet a day.

With a modest amount of care, hardwood flooring will remain beautiful for years, even in homes with active families.

Sometimes the initial cost of hardwood and professional installation seems high. But hardwood flooring increases the appraisal value of your home. That’s why many experts consider hardwood flooring an investment.

Wood is a product of nature which will expand and contract depending on the relative humidity in the home. Stabilizing relative humidity throughout winter and summer is very important for hardwood flooring. When the humidity is high, the flooring will expand. When the humidity is low, the flooring will shrink.

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