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Sustainable Choices You Can Make Remodeling A Bathroom

These days, the buzzword is “eco-friendly.” If this means something to you and you’ve got a bathroom renovation on the docket, then read on to find out different sustainable solutions you can implement while refreshing your bathroom.

Define Sustainable

What is a green renovation? It is a marriage between renovating a room and minimizing one’s environmental impact.

In fact, the way of the future is embracing sustainable practices, such as updating the look of your space without increasing your environmental footprint.

Once upon a time, remodelling a room meant all the waste went to the landfill. However, in our present era of environmental awareness, it is easier than ever for customers to research which renovation products are eco-friendly. And if you’re struggling to find eco-materials contact an experienced flooring and tile installer, like the Brothers Flooring, for insider information!

How To Remodel Your Bathroom, Sustainably

If you’re looking for some green reno inspiration read on to find out your options!

Use An Eco-Friendly Contractor

For eco-conscious homeowners who want a green renovation, hire a tile or flooring installer who specializes in or has extensive experience with eco-friendly remodelling. These contractors can optimize a green renovation by identifying products that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and free of harmful chemicals or toxins, like VOCs.

Energy-Efficient Products

If you need new bathroom products, like lighting, before you make any big purchases, look into which are the most energy-efficient. The more energy-efficient they are, the less you consume, which not only helps the environment but also saves you money!

These are the energy-saving products to invest in:

  • Water heaters
  • Lighting
  • Exhaust fan

Buy Recycled Or Green Cabinets Or Countertops

Although buying an attractively priced cabinet may be appealing, most affordable lines are made of plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) materials. These materials utilize formaldehyde in their glue, which, like VOCs, is harmful to humans. The most eco-friendly cabinetry options are recycled or formaldehyde-free wood.

Homeowners can also buy recycled glass, concrete, steel, or tile countertops and should consider hiring a reputable tile and flooring installer to install them.

Buy VOC Free Paint

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are health-harming chemicals that are also not good for the environment.

Most stains and paints on the market are free of VOCs, but that isn’t a universal truth. Before you purchase paint, read the label, as it will indicate if it’s VOC-free. If the label doesn’t say VOC-free, ask the hardware department staff or search the company’s website for more details.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Bathroom Renovation

Just like opting for energy-efficient fixtures, you should investigate and purchase low-flow fixtures. They consume less water and are thus more eco-friendly than their conventional counterparts. Replace your old toilet, sink, and showerheads with units that boast low-flow rates for a greener bathroom.

Only Use Sustainable Flooring Materials

Renovating Your Bathroom

The final thing homeowners can do for a greener bathroom remodel is choose sustainable flooring or backsplash materials. If you want the most eco-friendly material, buy a recycled product. Otherwise, opt for a sustainable material like green concrete, glass backsplash, marmoleum (an eco-friendly linoleum), natural stone, or tiles.

If you’re not comfortable installing flooring or a backsplash, shop around for a reputable tile and flooring installer. Most flooring contractors, like the Brothers Flooring, offer free consultations if you have questions about their services, products, and/or their installation process.

Final Thoughts On Sustainably Renovating Your Bathroom

Climate change isn’t a passing trend like shoulder pads or Pantone’s colour of the year; it concerns us all. However, this isn’t a doom-and-gloom message; rather, it’s a friendly reminder that the onus is on all of us to make environmentally smart choices, like considering sustainable solutions for your bathroom renovation. The good news is eco-friendly building supplies are so widely available that its driven the costs down, meaning green renovations are feasible, no matter your budget.

The trick to environmentally friendly renovations is really quite simple: research. Shop around for the best green materials until you find something that aligns with your budget and design style.

And, if you’re ever in doubt about sourcing the best green tile or flooring material, give the Brothers Flooring a call for a free consultation. We care about our clients’ renovation aspirations and would be happy to answer any questions you may have on sustainable renovations.

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