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Contemporary Flooring Trends for 2022

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Get ready to ring in the New Year with the latest contemporary flooring options to spruce up your home! Don’t get stuck in a design rut. If you’re ready to update your flooring, these are the trendiest new flooring choices that can elevate your living space. 

As experienced flooring contractors, we know the impact that new flooring can have on your space, so if you’re looking to not only update your floors but invoke floor envy, then this article is for you. 

The Top Contemporary Flooring Choices for 2022

Modern flooring is all about neutrals and naturals — neutral colours and natural elements (stone or wood). These latest modern flooring trends will bring new life to your floors: 

Bleached Hardwood

Contemporary Flooring

If you have a preference for light flooring, this new bleached hardwood flooring is perfect for you. We’ve seen firsthand the impact bleached hardwood flooring can have; it has the power to transform your room into a sleek and stylish space. Bleached wood is an ash-blonde hardwood treated to a chemical bath to remove any stains or dyes, leaving only the natural beauty of the wood.

Wide Plank Hardwood

Wood Flooring Installation

Wide plank hardwood flooring is a contemporary trend that isn’t going anywhere for 2022. Wide plank hardwood comes in a variety of colours from light to dark and is wider than typical hardwood planks. This allows the wood grain to really stand out, giving your flooring more character. In addition, wide plank hardwood is excellent for making a small space appear larger.

Dramatic Dark Hardwood

For homeowners that prefer dramatic hardwood flooring, you simply can’t go wrong with dark hardwood. Moody dark wood mutes the wood grain, leaving a sea of dark lines to make your space appear longer. 

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is perfect for homeowners that crave hardwood flooring that is a little out of their price range. As experienced flooring contractors, we know how practical, affordable and stylish the addition of engineered hardwood can be to any space. 

Engineered hardwood features a real wood veneer on the surface of the board and a high-density fibreboard (HDF) as the body of the floorboard. However, like real wood flooring, this flooring is not water-resistant and requires regular maintenance. 

Wood-Look Tile

Hardwood is the top flooring choice for most homeowners, but a great alternative is wood-look flooring to give homeowners the look and feel of hardwood. Hardwood flooring mimicry or wood-look flooring is perhaps one of the biggest contemporary flooring trends. Two of the main reasons homeowners opt for wood-look flooring are that the alternatives are more affordable, water-resistant, or waterproof. 

The top two wood-look flooring options for the more modern homeowner are:

  • Porcelain Tile: Porcelain tile wood-look flooring is a fantastic alternative to hardwood. In recent years the wood mimicry has become so good that porcelain tiles have the graining and characteristics of different hardwoods — including reclaimed wood. As a bonus, these tiles come in a variety of popular colours.
  • Engineered or Luxury Vinyl Planks: If you’ve always wanted to install hardwood in the kitchen then engineered planks are the perfect choice as they are waterproof. As well, luxury vinyl planks usually have cork underlayment, which reduces noise and is more comfortable underfoot.


Laminate is a flooring choice that many homeowners end up installing, as it’s an excellent alternative to hardwood flooring. Installing a neutral laminate is a good long-term flooring solution. As flooring contractors, we’re seeing an uptick in homeowners wanting laminate as it’s affordable, looks just like hardwood, is waterproof or water-resistant, and it’s easy to maintain. This flooring is perfect for families with children or pets because laminate is harder to scratch and dent, and can tolerate high traffic.

Contemporary Flooring Trends

With so many modern flooring choices for 2022, the biggest trend we’re seeing is wood or wood-look. If your home improvement list for 2022 includes updating your floors, be sure to look into any of these trendy modern styles.

If you can’t decide which flooring to install in your room, don’t hesitate to call us for a free no-obligation consultation! As the top flooring contractors, our mission is to help you find the best flooring for your space, so that you’ll love your floors for years to come. 

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