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The Benefits of Renovating Bathrooms

One of the most popular rooms in the house to renovate, perhaps not surprisingly, is your bathroom. Refreshing the look and function of your bathroom not only adds value to your home but it personalizes the space to suit your needs, which can change considerably throughout your life.

If you’ve been putting off upgrading your bathroom, as experienced flooring contractors, we can attest to the many benefits that come from renovating this space.

The Many Benefits of Refreshing Your Bathroom

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your bathroom, these are some of the most common benefits.

1. Updated Style



As you would imagine, refreshing the look of your bathroom is one of the primary reasons why you’d undertake a renovation. Whether you’ve just moved into a house with outdated pink subway tiles in the bathtub and are desperate for a change, or you’ve found a more contemporary look that you could envision in your space, there’s nothing like having a fresh new design to turn your bathroom into a place of true relaxation.

2. Improved Functionality



If you frequently walk into your bathroom questioning the layout or design, you would likely benefit from a renovated bathroom to correct the blemish or problematic area. Our flooring contractors frequently do layout changes. 

By improving the functionality of your bathroom, you’re:

Better using the space: There’s nothing more frustrating to homeowners than a crammed or poorly designed bathroom. A major reconstruction to fully realize the space can either increase the square footage or improve the layout of your smaller bathroom to give it the illusion that it’s actually bigger.

Creating the illusion of more space: If you can’t afford to remodel your bathroom, you can make your space feel bigger with simple fixes like using pedestal sinks in tiny bathrooms. This could also mean decluttering, ditching oversized fixtures and keeping the room tidy.

3. Increase Home Value



As with any home improvement, renovating your washroom increases the value of your home, as bathrooms and kitchens are the biggest draws for prospective buyers. If you’re looking to sell your home, having fully renovated bathrooms will add value to your home and attract buyers. 

4. Energy Efficiency



If you’re looking to improve your bathroom’s energy efficiency, switching to low-flow showerheads and toilets will reduce your monthly costs and make your home more environmentally friendly. You can also upgrade your lighting to more efficient bulbs for even greater efficiency.

5. Improved Cleanliness for Better Health



It’s a fact that a renovated bathroom improves your bathroom’s cleanliness; however, this isn’t just because everything is new. When something is new, psychologically, we are driven to maintain the same level of cleanliness post-renovation.

Additionally, when you begin to strip away old fixtures, like taps, showerheads and bathroom tiles, even well-kept spaces that haven’t been updated in a decade can harbour bacteria and other germs. So, a bathroom renovation is more than just an aesthetic or function upgrade; it’s also better for your health.

6. Relaxation



And finally, renovating your bathroom can help you  create a relaxing space where you can soak in the tub and unwind after a stressful day. All you have to do is incorporate your wishes into your design and presto–instant relaxation! This could mean upgrading to a soaker tub or installing radiant heating in your ensuite bathroom.

The Benefits of Renovating Bathrooms

There is nothing quite like a new bathroom: it’s clean, functional, stylish and customized to fit your needs. And as experienced flooring contractors, we’ve seen just how happy renovated bathrooms make our clients, so don’t overlook the many benefits associated with renovating this essential space. 

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