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What Are Tile Shower Niches and Here’s Why You Need One

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For many homeowners, space within a shower comes at a premium. So how can you maximise your shower space to make enough room to house all your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles? The answer is simpler than you may realise: shower niches. 

If you’re planning a renovation to your shower or bathroom – whether you hire an experienced contractor or plan to DIY  – don’t miss this chance to insert a shower niche.

What Is a Shower Niche?

As experienced tile installers in Toronto and across the GTA, we define shower niches as recessed storage shelves that are built into the shower wall. Go ahead and visualise the walls of a shower: on one wall (or just above the wall) is the showerhead. The adjacent wall is flat except for a square/rectangular box with shelves set into the wall for storage.

Shower niches eliminate the need for shower caddies — those bulky racks that loop over your showerhead or have terrible suction cups that never hold. If you’re hiring tile installers to help with your shower, this is the ideal time to install a niche! 

Types of Shower Niches

There are two types of shower niches: pre-made and custom. Both shower niches are useful, meaning that no matter which option you choose, you’re improving the functionality of your shower.

  • Pre-Made: As the name suggests, pre-made shower niches are pre-built niches available for purchase. You go to the store, select the size you want and install it between the studs or framing.
  • Custom: A custom shower niche is measured, cut, framed and finished o fit your specifications.

Pre-made niches are a little less expensive because they come in standard sizes, but custom shower niches create a one-of-a-kind shower that definitely adds value to your home.

The Benefits of Shower Niches

There are many reasons why you should consider adding a shower niche if you don’t already have one, such as:

  • Improve Functionality: Most bathrooms are small and there is nothing worse than bottles and soaps scattered over the tub edges. Utilising a niche allows you to permanently house all your shower toiletries in an organised way. 
  • Improve Usage: If you have roommates or a family that uses the same shower, you may be inundated with shower toiletries. The best solution to fix the clutter is to insert a large niche so everyone can store their preferred supplies harmoniously.
  • Eliminate Shower Caddies: There are other ways of storing shower supplies, like a shower caddy. However, caddies are typically metal, meaning they will rust and you’ll be forever replacing them. Hiring a tile installer in Vaughan or elsewhere to insert a niche instantly solves this problem.
  • Add Visual Interest: Not only are shower niches practical, they can add visual interest to your shower. For instance, if you’re tiling your shower in white square tile, then create a focal point using a different tile colour, shape, pattern, or design in the niche. Niches can also have LED strip lighting installed in them to add an extra dimension to your space.

Shower niches come with so many benefits; gaining more shower real estate is one of the most important, but you can’t beat the visual appeal of a shower niche in an otherwise functional space. 

Shower Niche Alternatives

If you want to consider all your options, then there are a few shower storage options to choose from: 

  • Niche: As discussed, a niche is a recessed “box” with shelving for storage that is built into the shower wall.
  • Tub ledge: Of course, you also have the option of making do with using the tub ledge to store all your shower items.
  • Caddy: A caddy is the affordable and most replaceable of the options as it’s a storage rack (usually wire) you purchase that hangs over the showerhead.
  • Ledge: Another option is a ledge or shelf. Creating a ledge requires a tile installer to build a lip that juts out from the wall while remodelling your shower. The ledge then serves as storage for your toiletries, similar to using the edge of the tub; the difference is that it’s generally mid-way up the wall (so you don’t have to bend down for toiletries) which does mean you’ll sacrifice some shower space. 
  • Corner shelf: A corner shelf is stacking shelves that crawl up the corner of your shower. Corner shelves are a popular alternative as they are practical and space-saving options just like shower niches, but more affordable. 

Shower niches aren’t your only option when it comes to storage in your shower. Understanding the options available to you can help ensure you make the best choice for your storage needs and your budget. 

Why You Need a Shower Niche

As tile installers with decades of experience renovating bathrooms in Toronto and across the GTA, we’ve redone countless showers and installed thousands of niches. If you’re looking for a space-saving and functional way to store your shampoos, conditioners and body washes, shower niches are an excellent addition to your space. Not to mention, niches are a great way to create a focal point by using different tile shapes, sizes, patterns, or colours. 

If you’re ready to gut your shower and you like the idea of installing a shower niche but aren’t sure of the specifics, give The Brothers Flooring a call for a free, no-risk consultation. We can help you assess your needs and brainstorm how to add character and functionality to your renovation. No matter your question about shower niches or installation, we’re happy to help!

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