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The Best Colour Tiles for Your Floors

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If you’re ready to revamp your space and hire a natural stone or ceramic tile flooring installer, the next step is determining which colour suits your room. There are several aspects to consider when selecting the ideal tile colour for your reno project, like does it match your decor or will it fall out of style in the near future? These questions will help you arrive at the best choice, so that you love it for years to come. 

As experienced natural stone and ceramic tile flooring installers, we have some recommendations to help you figure out the best colour tiles for your floors! But, if by the end of this article you still want a second opinion, then give The Brother’s Flooring a call for a free consultation and let us help you with these tough decisions. 

The Benefits of Tile

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Before we delve into the best tile colour choices for your room, let’s discuss some of the benefits of having natural stone or ceramic tile flooring installed:

  • Waterproof: Tile flooring is almost always waterproof, which makes it great for space that can get wet, like bathrooms, entryways, laundry rooms or kitchens.
  • Durable: One of the best attributes of any tile flooring is its durability. You can expect a well-cared-for tile floor to last decades before it needs replacing. 
  • Tough: There is nothing tougher than a tile floor. It won’t scratch or dent the way wood flooring does. However, if enough force strikes the tile, it can crack or chip — but you can repair (instead of replace) a chip with epoxy or tile repair kits. 
  • Active or Busy Lifestyles: If you have pets or kids or host often, then tile may be perfect for you. Tile flooring is waterproof and scratch-resistant, so there is no fear of spilled drinks or dog nails damaging the floors. 
  • Add Comfort: The one downside to tile is it’s hard and not comfortable to stand on for a long time. But you can lay an area rug under the dining room table to prevent chairs from noisily scratching against the floors or in the living room so people can stand or sit comfortably. 
  • Radiant Heating: The most popular place to add tile is in your bathroom, which means you can add radiant heating underfoot to keep your feet warm during the winter months. However, keep in mind that if you tile your living room or dining room, you can also add radiant heating to bring warmth to an otherwise cold flooring.

The Best Colours for Your Tile Flooring

When it comes to having natural stone or ceramic tile installed, you want to ensure you get it done right the first time. With that said, you want to go into your new tile installation confident with your selection, so what are the best colours for tile floors?

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  • Neutrals: Just like wall paint, you can’t go wrong with neutral colours for your flooring such as greys, creams, browns or blacks. Neutrals need fewer room refreshes because they never truly go out of style. 
  • Black: Having black ceramic tile installed is a moody but trendy way to make a statement. You can also lay a pattern like a checkerboard or shapes like hexagon tiles to add more character.
  • Grey: Grey is the hot neutral that everyone gravitates to because it matches virtually any decor, but it pairs especially well with contemporary styling.
  • White or Cream: White tiles can make your room appear larger and brighter and is ideal for small spaces. 
  • Brown: There is nothing more rustic than brown-hued tiles. Brown tiles create a warm, welcoming space. Lighter tones of brown will remain in style longer, while deeper shades will create a more decadent ambiance.
  • Blues: One of the big trends of 2022 is having blue natural stone and ceramic tile installed. The nice thing about blue tiles is that they can be warm or cool, creating different moods — bright blues are lively while cooler shades are moody. The most versatile shade is grey-blue as it goes well with many colour schemes yet is contemporary. 
  • Wood-Look: Although wood-look is not a colour, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular yet practical ways to transform your room into a warm, traditional space. Wood is timeless, so it’s the perfect marriage to have waterproof floors that look like wood.

More to Consider 

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To make the most out of having natural stone or ceramic tile installed, you want to select the right colour and make sure you have the right tile. You should also take into consideration the following when choosing a tile:

  • Texture: For bathrooms or areas that could be slippery, you want to select a tile with a textured finish to help prevent slips and falls.
  • Shape: To play with aesthetics, you can pick a neutral like white and then spice it up with a shaped tile for added interest.
  • Room Size: For smaller rooms, use lighter tiles to enlarge the space. Otherwise, you can use darker tiles in larger rooms without making the area feel too narrow.

The Best Colour Tiles for Your Floors

If you’re in the market to have natural stone or ceramic tiles installed, remember to carefully select the right colour to bring your space to life and fall in love with it for years to come. 

Having trouble finding tile inspiration and need advice? Give the Brother’s Flooring a call for a free consultation and let us help you figure out the best flooring colour for your space!

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