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Top Tips for Mixing and Matching Tiles

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Take it from our expert ceramic tile flooring installers: mixing and matching tiles is one of the easiest, most affordable and underutilized ways to add singular style to your space. The key is to find tiles that are complimentary but distinct enough to stand apart and make your design stand out.

So, if you’re considering new tile —be it ceramic or porcelain, granite, marble, or natural stone— here are some tips and tricks to help you pick the right ones for your home.

The Ceramic Tile Flooring Installers Guide to Mixing & Matching Tiles

1. Get Lots Samples

Before making any kind of final decision, it’s a really good idea to get as many sample tiles as you need and put them in the room to get a feel for what you like and what you don’t. Play around. You never know what might strike your fancy.

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2. Balance Business

Busy patterns or colours can be eye-catching and beautiful, but they’ll need something less intense to balance them out. Painted and patterned tiles are popular these days, but are best used when they are limited to one surface – either floor or feature – per room and in combination with another solid colour tile.

3. Vary Tile Sizes

Large and small tiles have functional differences but also affect design. Having only small tiles can make the room busy or spaces seem small, while large tiles can make an impact but some on their own may look dull and not be functional for smaller applications like backsplashes and shower floors. Instead, combine different sized tiles to balance out the look and feel of your space. For a good rule of thumb, don’t use more than three different tile choices in a single room.

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4. Juxtapose Matte Surfaces

To break up a matte surface you can combine matte surfaces with either a glossy finish, or a totally different surface like cement or brick-look tiles, hardwood, wall paper or painted surfaces. This contrast can create absolute jaw-dropping results.

5. Vary Shapes Instead of Colour

Mixing colours can work well when done by someone with a good eye. But if you struggle with mixing colours, or if you just prefer not to have a lot of colour in your space, combining various shaped tiles of the same colour adds a cohesive visual interest.

Subway tiles on bathroom walls and penny hex tiles on the floor is one great example of how to achieve this striking look, as is a herringbone floor design and a vertical subway tile wall layout.

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6. Seek Input from Others

Two heads really are better than one. If you’re not sure about a mixture of tiles that you’ve come up with, ask a friend, or (better yet) ask a professional for guidance. Drop us a line, anytime. Consider us your personal ceramic tile floor installers.

7. Have Fun with It

This last tip is the most important of all. This is your home that you’re designing, and you should enjoy the creative process of making your home into your own personalized space.

We hope you are excited about mixing and matching tiles in your home. Remember, we’ve been ceramic tile flooring installers for decades and we’re happy to help guide you through the process with a free consult.




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