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All The Ways You Can Lay Subway Tile

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If you’re ready to hire a professional tile installer to update your bathroom or kitchen and you’re sweet about using subway tile, the question is, which subway tile pattern matches your room’s aesthetics?

Read on to find out how to properly style your subway according to your likes and how to find reliable tile installers in your area.

What Materials Does Subway Tile Come In?

Subway tiles are made of 3 different types of material:

Ceramic: Original subway tiles were almost exclusively made with ceramic because it’s highly durable, waterproof, and affordable.

Porcelain: Subway tiles are also available in porcelain at a slightly higher cost than ceramic; this material is also durable and waterproof.

Glass: The final option is the newest one, glass. Get a shiny, hygienic, waterproof surface that can make your room feel brighter.

How To Style Your Subway Tile

There are many ways for your professional tile installer to spruce up your space with subway tile. Below we’ll outline traditional, contemporary, and trendy subway tile patterns to help you determine which design suits your preference.

Timeless Traditional

Subway Tile

Consider these subway tile patterns if you’re motivated to get professional tile installers to lay a classic layout that will suit your space for decades.

Classic Running Bond or Brickwork: Running bond resembles stacked brick, meaning alternating brick lines, for a timeless, pleasing look.
Colour Choices: If you’re going for a traditional look, opt for neutrals like white for a bright, spacious look or grey for a trending neutral colour.

Install Here: The best space for a professional tile installer to lay brickwork subway tiles is in your kitchen. Using a classic design will offset the future chaos that will naturally accompany your kitchen.
Herringbone: If you want a more captivating yet traditional subway tile finish, try herringbone with its beautiful peaks and valleys.
Colour Choice: To stick with tradition, you can never go wrong with neutrals like lights (white or grey) for an airy feeling or darks (dark grey or black) for a broody ambiance.
Install Here: Herringbone patterns work well as a kitchen backsplash or in your laundry room.

Striking Contemporary

For other homeowners that want to divorce with traditional subway tiling, then these are some captivating ways to create interest in your space.

Horizontal Stacked Bond: You would think using rows of horizontal subway tile would be ordinary, but it’s not; it’s actually contemporary! Traditional looks rely on old-world patterns like herringbone, whereas this offers a minimalist look.
Colour Choice: You don’t need the benefit of coloured tiles while using horizontally stacked bonds as the point is minimalism, so white is best.
Install Here: This subway tile layout works best in your kitchen.

Vertical Running Bond: While brickwork is traditional, a vertical running bond is quite contemporary. By reimagining how to lay subway tile, a vertical running bond makes the space feel taller.
Colour Choices: Try a neutral with a pop of colour or black tiles with white grout.
Install Here: The ideal place for a vertical running bond is in your shower, giving the illusion that the shower walls are much taller.

Creative and Trendy

The final aesthetic worth considering is installing trendy subway tile patterns. If your house is very on-trend, these are some subway tiling options for you!

Geometric: Add some interest to your space with the combination of geometric tiles, like hexagons with brickwork subway tiles. Combining subway and geometric tiles is trendy, as geometrics are popular with homeowners.
Colour Choices: Because the tile pattern is the focal point, stick with neutrals like greys.
Install Here: This is a great addition to your kitchen as a captivating focal point.

Double Basketweave: Although the basketweave pattern is traditional, you can update the look with a double basketweave pattern! This pattern uses pairs of vertical and horizontal subway tiles for a grander weave pattern.
Colour Choice: This subway tile layout is best in white. You can add drama by using dark grout to accentuate the pattern.
Install Here: The double basketweave is great in bathrooms.

What Factors Should I Consider When Hiring Tile Installers?

Installing tiles is not a fun DIY project if you’re not familiar with the nuances of tiling, so many homeowners prefer to hire a professional tile installer to get it done quickly.

The question is, how do you find a reliable tile installer in your area? What factors should you use to gauge whether you trust them with your renovation?

Here are a few tips to help you find the right professional tile installer:

⦁ Check out their social media accounts, like HomeStars, Google Reviews, Facebook, or Houzz, for reviews and pictures of their projects. You want to pay close attention to any negative comments and how the company handles criticism—do they respond, and if so, how? You also want an installer that is positively rated.

⦁ Do they offer a free consultation and estimates? Many tile companies want your business, so they provide complimentary consultations, and some may even give you a free estimate. Consider the consultation a free interview. These are some questions to ask yourself: are they professional, and do they listen to me? Next, consider whether the estimate seems fair. You can do this by calling around for multiple quotes until you find the best professional tile installer for you.

⦁ The final factor to consider is certification. Hiring a friend will save you money, but if they install your subway tiles incorrectly, they are not obligated to fix them. Many professionals warranty their work, so if there were an issue during installation, they would retile free of charge.

Final Thoughts On Laying Subway Tile

No matter your style preference, there is a subway tile pattern to suit your taste, from traditional brickwork, contemporary geometric, to trendy double basketweave. Once you’ve decided on the right pattern for your space, the next task is finding the right material (ceramic, porcelain, or glass) and the right professional tile installer to complete your renovation!

Take the first step towards finding the right professional tile installer by shopping around. And, don’t forget to ask us, the Brothers Flooring for a free no-risk consultation, and check out our HomeStars-Verified 99% approval rating to see what our customers think!

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