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Considering Gold Tile? Here’s Why And How!

Tile Installation

If you want your space to stand out and coloured tile just won’t do, why not try gold tiles? Silver and brushed nickel fixtures have been replaced with all things gold, from fixtures to accents to tiles!

If your unofficial middle name is “extra” or you’re known for pizzazz, then gold tiles may be right for you! Even if this doesn’t sound like you, gold tiles can be used quietly to add character and warmth to your space.

However, if you’re nodding along with this, homeowners should consider a few “golden rules” so they don’t overdo it. Dipping your space in gold like King Midas is just too much gold! So take it from experienced tile installers, these suggestions are how to add just the right amount of gold to your space.

Why Gold?

What’s so great about gold tile, anyway? Well, the short answer is that it’s visually striking. The long answer is that it’s trendy, glamorous, luxurious, and offers a break from the conventional “silver” finishes that have dominated fixtures and tiles for decades.

Tile installer tip: Gold tiles are a warm metallic that can instantly infuse your space with warmth; especially, when paired with a cool neutral tile.

How To Integrate Gold Into Your Room

Consider Tile Shapes

One of the most creative ways to add intrigue to your space is using shaped tiles. Subway tiles can make your room feel clean and modern, while hexagon or circle tiles can add a wow factor. Now imagine using only neutral white shaped tiles with the odd gold tile, it’s instantly chic!


As mentioned above, not many homeowners are going to dip their room in gold. Instead, they are more likely to get their tile installer to integrate gold accent tiles to break up the neutral tile monotony. An entire golden-tiled room would be warm, but it would also be blinding! So, break up the colour-blocking in gold by using golden tiles as accent tiles. Plus, if you use gold tiles sparingly, you can also utilize golden fixtures to really make all things gold pop! 

What Colours And Materials Pair Well With Gold?

For homeowners who want a subtle yet posh “golden touch,” stick with white and gold. Conversely, if you want a dramatic, moody, and striking golden feature, pair gold with black tiles. As gold is warm, it balances cool colours, especially blue.

Gold tiles also work well with wood. For instance, if you have a wooden floor, hardwood, engineered, or wood-look, a hint of gold in the backsplash tile, whether as an accent or otherwise, will make your space inviting, warm, and luxurious.

Gold Designs

There are many different ways to style gold tiles. As tile installers, we’ve seen it all! For instance, golden tiles come in different styles like mosaic, patterned like herringbone, and streaks through natural stone for an opulent marble finish—all of which are visually enticing. So you aren’t limited to a pure gold tile; you can purchase patterned gold tiles too!

Go For Gold!

For homeowners who love gold but don’t want the full experience, why not try a gold accent wall? A golden wall is the perfect conversation starter. Not to mention, a gold accent wall doesn’t have to be a standard square or subway tile—you can experiment with different tile shapes! 

How To Use Gold Tiles

Gold is the hot, new metallic. And what’s not to love about gold? It’s warm, opulent, trendy, and yet also timeless. Although silver hues like stainless steel have dominated the market for decades, gold was never truly out of style. Gold has been used in aristocrats’ homes as a marker of wealth long before silver was popular with homeowners; and now everyone can have that lux vibe!

So why should you consider gold tile, it’s warm and can instantly add character to your space. If you’re ready to update the look of your space with gold tiles and you need a reputable Homestar Approved tile installer, give us the Brothers Flooring a call today for a free consultation! We can help you figure out how best to add a touch of gold to your room!

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