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5 Signs of Damaged Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood flooring is the flooring most homeowners dream of. When hardwood is newly installed, there’s nothing quite like its glossy floorboards, but when the floor is starting to look like it’s seen better days, then what? 

No one wants to think about the flooring wood installation cost or even the cost of refinishing hardwood floors. But putting off addressing any of these five signs of hardwood flooring damage may result in having to replace the entire floor.

So, if you have hardwood flooring in your house, pay close attention to these red flags; they can signify that your hardwood floors need immediate attention and savvy homeowners will take that action. Keep reading. 

The Top Five Hardwood Flooring Red Flags

You probably don’t want to consider the flooring wood installation cost of new floors. That’s why, if you notice any of these warning signs early enough, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. These are the red flags you want to look out for:


It’s to be expected that there will be some creaking when you walk across a wooden floor, but if your flooring is older and you begin to hear abnormally loud groaning, then it could be a symptom of a subfloor problem. In that case, as soon as you hear unusual creaking, it’s time to call an experienced flooring contractor to determine the scope of the problem.

Gaps, Buckling, or Warped Floorboards

If you see gaps between the floorboards or buckling/warped raised boards, you likely have a humidity problem. It could also mean that the floorboards weren’t acclimated when the boards were originally installed.

Cupping or Crowning

If your hardwood begins to form a U-shape or wavy appearance, your floors are cupping. Whereas if your boards rise in the centre, it’s a sign of crowning. Both instances mean you’ve got a moisture problem. Some other telltale signs of water damage are discolouration of the floorboards.

Strong Smell

If you suddenly notice a musty smell in your room and you’ve had moisture or humidity issues in the past, your wooden floors may be experiencing bacterial or mold growth. Even if you’re unaware of water accumulating the floors, if your hardwood gets a musty smell, you want to call a professional flooring contractor, like the Brothers Flooring, for a second opinion.

Peeling, Dings, Scratches, or Dents 

Naturally, your floors will show signs of wear and tear with scratches, dings, and dents, but if your room is beginning to look like Swiss cheese, it’s time to consider refinishing your hardwood flooring. Another cosmetic thing to watch out for is peeling. Although peeling isn’t anything to fret over, it is an indicator that the veneer has worn off, and to ensure the longevity of your floors, sand and refinish your hardwood immediately.

What to Do If You See Any of These Signs

What should you do if you spot any of these damages to your hardwood flooring? The key is early detection. If you spot these warning signs early on, your flooring wood installation cost will be less overall. For instance, if your floors begin to peel, you want to immediately call a professional flooring contractor to sand and refinish your flooring as a “raw” floor without a veneer is susceptible to water, UV, scratches, moisture, etc. And a raw hardwood floor will not last decades, but regular maintenance will guarantee your wood floor remains in showroom condition for a long time. 

Another thing you can do to ensure your floors last a long time is to hire a professional flooring contractor. Don’t just hire anyone. You want to find someone HomeStars-verified or, at the very least, a professional with good, verifiable references. By hiring a skilled flooring contractor who cares about your satisfaction, they will acclimate the wood before installation, which helps prevent humidity-related damage. Many good companies will even guarantee their work (typically up to a year).

Protect Your Hardwood by Watching Out for These Red Flags

If you want to rotect your flooring wood installation costs so that you only have to get hardwood installed once, regularly maintain your floor and watch out for these five warning signs that something is amiss with your boards. 

If you think your hardwood may be experiencing any of these signs after reading this article, don’t hesitate to call the Brothers Flooring, for a free consultation. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and we’re HomeStars-verified with a 99% rating, so we’re confident we can help you with any hardwood flooring concerns you may have!

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