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Kitchen Backsplash Options For Every Style

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When renovating your kitchen, there are many components to consider: what cupboards, flooring material, countertops, and backsplash should you choose? You could lean on your flooring contractor for answers, but ultimately, only you know your design style.

So, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen, here are some complimentary kitchen backsplashes for the five most common kitchen design styles.

The Best Kitchen Backsplashes For The Most Common Design Styles

Before you begin overhauling your kitchen, ensure you know your design style! Read on to find the best backsplashes in the five most common style preferences: traditional, modern, contemporary, transitional, and farmhouse.


Neutral. Classic. Long-lasting style. Traditional is the most popular design trend for your kitchen or home. As flooring contractors, we see a lot of traditional kitchens, and what unites them are neutrals like white, stylish wooden cabinets, natural stone countertops like quartz, classy floor materials like hardwood or natural stone, and a simple complimentary backsplash. The point of a traditional kitchen is sophistication, not for any one thing to be so bold that it distracts the eye; no, everywhere the eye goes is a series of beautiful little details.

The Best Traditional Kitchen Backsplashes: Perfectly pair your traditional kitchen with any of these backsplashes: oversized natural stone tiles, the classic white subway tile, a white-shaped tile like hexagons, or a textured tile.


Sleek lines. Minimalist. Fewer cabinets. Modern kitchens are an excellent choice for homeowners who could do without all the extra. The kitchen should be orderly and clean. Some of the hallmark traits of modern kitchen design we see as flooring contractors are neutrals such as white, less in the way of cabinets (often with open cabinetry to display dishes), metallic accents, timeless fixtures, simple cabinetry, and counters, clutter-free, tile or concrete flooring materials are popular, and a unique backsplash.

The Best Modern Kitchen Backsplashes: Match your modern kitchen with any one of these backsplashes: metal sheets, dark subway tiles, marble tiles, tiles laced with gold streaks, or honeycomb tiles.


Contemporary kitchen designs are similar to modern ones; however, the main difference is that contemporary design utilizes the latest trends. The characteristics of a contemporary kitchen design are sleek lines, a neutral palette, minimalist wood cabinets and flooring, granite or marble countertops, and eye-popping backsplashes.

The Best Contemporary Kitchen Backsplashes: If you’ve hired a flooring contractor, these are some excellent contemporary kitchen backsplashes: chevron pattern, glass tiles, colourful tiles, a mix of different tiles, or wallpaper.


Classic or contemporary—if this choice finds you fence-sitting, consider transitional as it blends both design styles. The defining elements of a transitional kitchen are: neutrals, sleek lines, using natural elements like wood for cabinets and floors, marble or granite for countertops, simple shaker style cabinets, vintage accents (e.g., lighting fixtures), and timeless backsplashes.

The Best Transitional Kitchen Backsplashes: Consider incorporating any one of these backsplashes in your transitional kitchen: herringbone pattern, picket tiles, cozy mosaics, textured stone tiles, or exciting geometric tile designs.


Many Canadian homeowners envision a warm and inviting kitchen because it’s the heart of the home; if this sounds like you, then a farmhouse or rustic design may be right for you. And you don’t need to live in an old farmhouse to create a rustic kitchen! The defining features of a farmhouse kitchen are hardwood flooring, the inclusion of antiques, a natural palette, wood cabinets, unusual countertops like soapstone, weaving in antique colours, reclaimed barn board or other materials, rustic lights and natural elements for a backsplash.

The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplashes: As experienced flooring contractors, these are the best farmhouse design-inspired kitchen backsplashes: exposed brick, reclaimed wood, shiplap, antique coloured tiles or paint (e.g., classic blue), any white tile (e.g., hexagon, subway tile) and white tiles with black grout.

Finding The Right Kitchen Backsplash, No Matter Your Style

With so many popular kitchen design styles, we hope you’ve been able to pinpoint your preference to identify the best design elements, including a backsplash, to bring your dream kitchen to life!

If you have questions about which kitchen backsplash will suit your design style, call us the Brothers Flooring for a free consultation! We have over 20 years of experience as flooring contractors in the GTA, so let us help you resolve any flooring- or backsplash-related questions you may have!

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