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Rethinking The Classic Kitchen Island

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When considering where your house needs a renovation — if any — do you ever think about your kitchen island? The island is the centre of your kitchen, offering additional storage, workspace, and, if you’re lucky, other nice-to-haves like a sink or dishwasher. So, it begs the question, why do we often overlook updating the kitchen island?

If this article has piqued your interest, we have a few ways to turn your classic kitchen island into something spectacular while retaining its practicality.

Rethinking Your Kitchen Island

Here are some creative, practical, and captivating ways to breathe new life into your kitchen island!

Marble Encasing

Add interest to your island by encasing it in marble — essentially, bookend the island with two marble slabs. This application is called a waterfall edge. But if you’re working with natural stone to prevent cracks or improper installation that may jeopardize the marble’s longevity, always get a professional tile installer to do it correctly!


Although symmetry is pleasing to the eye, alter one end by adding an overhanging U-shape propped up by a column (e.g., marble post, wooden post, ornate post). The asymmetrical island is also useful as you can tuck two barstools in for an intimate dinner with your spouse.

Add Wood

If you’ve got a boring builder’s-grade island, give it a makeover by adding wood. Strip away the exterior, either all or some of it, and replace it with your choice of wood. Dark wood pairs well with traditional or boho chic, while white or bleached wood is excellent for timeless, classic kitchen designs.

White and Gold

Add a gold pinstripe for a quick, high-impact island refinish on a white kitchen island. White is a classic cabinet colour that can lack visual interest; that’s where the gold comes in! 


If you want to change the look of your island or add an island to your kitchen, consider the benefits of a multi-level island. Imagine a two-tier island where one tier is for food preparation, and the other is for entertaining — you can present food or sit and eat here. 

More Storage

Another exciting way to update your island is to forget about seating altogether and have all four sides dedicated to storage cabinets. This is especially a good choice if you need more cupboard space in your kitchen.

Appliance Garage

If your island lacks purpose and you like minimalist design, incorporate an emerging design trend by having a carpenter create an appliance garage. An appliance garage is a discreet home (e.g., cupboard or hideaway) for countertop appliances when they’re not in use to rid your countertop of clutter. 

Go Bold

Since the island is a smaller space, this could be the perfect blank canvas for adventurous homeowners to experiment with trends, as it’s more economical to remodel an island than it is to redo your entire kitchen! For instance, if you have tile installers on hand, try the latest trends by having them lay mosaic tiles or tile it white and add a pop of stylish colour, like blue, berry, or green. 

The Classic Kitchen Island, Reimagined

The kitchen island is a functional feature homeowners rave about, but it’s not something many think to update. As experienced tile installers, we can attest to the beauty of encasing your island in marble. Yet, we don’t receive many consultations about the kitchen island! 

Hopefully, we’ve made a case for why you should rethink the look and practicality of your island! If you’re ready to change your kitchen island or need help deciding which idea to run with, call us, the Brothers Flooring! We offer free consultations and would love to help you rethink your classic kitchen island!


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