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Tile Trends for 2021

tile trends

In our decades of tile installation in Brampton and the GTA, we’ve seen tile trends come and go, but tile trends for 2021 are shaping up to be as exciting as they are timeless. This is great news for people who are looking to upgrade their interior design. This year’s tile trends will look as incredible today as they will 10 years from now.

2021 Hottest Tile Trends You Must Know

This year’s tile trends aren’t just updates: they’re upgrades. Whether you want to freshen up your bathroom or breathe new life into your kitchen, with this year’s versatility, you can transform just about any room in your home.

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It doesn’t matter if you live in a cool or hot climate, Moroccan tiles are bold, artistic, and captivating, making them ideal focal points for any room. Moroccan ceramic tiles are also long-lasting and easy to clean. If you want your tiles to age gracefully for a lived-in look, opt for encaustic tiles, whereas porcelain will clean better.

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During our many years as tile installers in Brampton and around the GTA, we’ve seen the continued popularity of hexagon tiles on floors, bathrooms, and backsplashes. Tiles are not limited to the basic geometric square or rectangular tiles: the hexagon is back and promises to beautify your space with its wide range of colours, textures, and patterning choices, so if you’re ready to step out of the traditional geometric tiles, give hexagon a chance. You won’t regret it.

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If you’ve yet to hear about the latest flooring trend, it’s terrazzo. Terrazzo is a stylish, soft, and textural flooring that’s incredibly appealing—especially to environmentally-minded folks. It is made from cement or porcelain and is known for its inlaid speckles that are composed of quartz, metal, glass, or stone. This tile is truly one of a kind. Terrazzo is something you’ve seen often, as it’s a popular commercial flooring choice; however, residential terrazzo has been elevated to leave an understated yet modern touch to any room.


In our years of professional tile installation in Brampton, we’ve seen just about every wood-look or stone-look tile going, and this trend is as popular now as ever before. It’s affordable, easy-to-clean, and, in many cases, a more durable alternative. It’s especially the case if you have a family or pets. There’s a lot to love about this affordable and sophisticated tile trend.

Dark Neutrals

Grey is having its heyday, and that isn’t about to let up in 2021—it’s still just getting started—but what’s interesting about this year is the re-emergence of black tiles. It’s not that black has ever been outdated, it’s the benchmark of elegance, but its popularity in bathrooms as oversized tiles or for added drama or opulence in modern homes is on the rise. You’ll find black tiles in matte finishes as well as hexagonal shapes dominating the market in 2021.

Tile Trends for 2021

There is nothing more satisfying than installing the perfect new tile flooring for our clients. And with such diverse and timeless tiles readily available, you can rest assured no matter your taste that there is tile flooring to suit your style preference! Contact us for a complimentary consultation. We’ll use our 20+ years of experience of tile installation in Brampton homes and homes all over the GTA to help you find the best tile trend to welcome into your home.    







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