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6 Ideas For A Unique Kitchen Backsplash

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Tile installation has been a speciality of ours for decades. In this time, we’ve seen plenty of kitchens and can say with total confidence that one of the best ways you can bring the most important space in your home to life is by creating a unique kitchen backsplash. Even though subway tiles continue to be the trendiest backsplash for kitchens, you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself and install what everyone else does.

Step outside the box with these unique backsplash ideas and create a focal point that’s inviting and meets your needs!

6 Ideas For Your Kitchen Backsplash

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There is a reason the kitchen is considered the heart of the home; it’s where your family comes together to cook and share a meal. So it’s crucial to create a welcoming space that welcomes. 

Of course, backsplashes are not limited to kitchens. They also work wonderfully (and stylishly) in bathrooms, mudrooms and laundry rooms—basically any room where you want to protect your drywall from splatter.

1. Vibrant Ceramic Tiles

What’s not to appreciate about ceramic tiles? They come in just about every colour and pattern you can imagine; they’re inexpensive and protect the walls from food splatter. Not to mention they are easy to clean, making it an excellent tile choice. 

For reserved tastes, we’d recommend sticking with neutrals, like grey, since these colours are trending right now and are timeless. 

If you’re a bit more adventurous, consider finding a vibrant and bold tile to match your floors and kitchen cabinets.

We encourage you to consider playing around with:

  • Metallics: Like gold, for a pop of colour
  • Tile Shape: Try hexagon, fan or other unique shapes
  • Stunning Patterns: Mediterranian, geometric or floral
  • Colour: Use colour or mix in a coloured tile with neutrals for more interest

2. Wood Paneling

Wood isn’t just good for your floors; it can be appealing when installed on the wall too. If you subscribe to the farmhouse or rustic style, this is an excellent option for you. 

However, a wood backsplash isn’t just for the country. Wood is a great way to invite nature indoors, and it’s also an environmentally friendly option when you opt for reclaimed woods, like barn board.

3. Natural Stone Tiles

Is there anything more sophisticated than stone? And depending on the texture of the stone (smooth to rough), it can help set the tone of your kitchen. If you’re after a polished look, go for smooth tiles with a glossy or matte finish, while for a rustic feel, you may prefer more of a textured or rougher finish, so your space takes on a cozier quality. 

4. Vintage Patterns

For a classic, refined finish, there is nothing more suitable than vintage patterns to achieve ‘the what’s old is new again look.’ Try encaustic (especially if it’s floral), dusty rose accent tiles, mosaic or subway tiles. Styles hardly ever fade away, so add some panache to cheer up your backsplash.

5. Glass

Glass backsplashes are a way of adding texture, shape, gloss and colour to your space as these pieces tend to be a mixture of colours — like a family of browns from light to dark.

Glass, similar to ceramic, is durable and easy to clean. It’s also frequently made from recycled glass, so you can feel good about sprucing up your kitchen with this eco-friendly choice.

6. Mix And Match

Another way to breathe life into your kitchen is by mixing things up a bit and playing with colour, material, texture and shape to create a space as unique as you! For the rustic look, try reclaimed wood and tile or use black tiles, stone, and textures for monochromatic. If you prefer a timeless kitchen, stick with your neutrals but try a hexagon tile while weaving in a metallic tile for character.

Creating a Unique Backsplash

If you’re looking for tile installation in the Greater Toronto Area, these are the styles that are on trend and can also help you express your unique personality. With such choices available to you, there’s no need to stick with what everyone else is doing if it’s not what you want—step outside the box and figure out the backsplash that matches your own stunning aesthetic.

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