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Why Top Vinyl Flooring Contractors Want You To Know About “Luxury Vinyl”

Vinyl Flooring Contractor

Any vinyl flooring contractor who knows their business can tell you that this material has come a long way since your grandma’s house. A prime example of this evolution is the advent of luxury vinyl–and its name says it all.

Luxury vinyl combines style and functionality, making it popular among homeowners and vinyl flooring contractors alike. It comes in both tile and plank formats – hence you might see it labeled as  LVT/LVP.  ​Like regular vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl is a highly durable type of flooring that can mimic the beautiful finishing of hardwood or stone floors at a lesser cost. The difference is that luxury vinyl flooring has an enhanced design for increased function and finesse. The luxury variety has higher quality layers of material pressed together, making it up to 5 times thicker than regular vinyl. 

Keep reading. In this blog, we’re going to tell you why luxury vinyl may be the best flooring choice for your space. 

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl

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It’s waterproof. This quality makes it the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, or any other rooms prone to humidity, moisture and wet floors. 

It’s durable. The use of multiple layers makes luxury vinyl flooring more comfortable on your feet as there is more cushion. These layers don’t just help your feet though, they also provide insulation and soundproofing between floors. 

It’s aesthetically diverse. The variety of styles has come a long way since the 1970s. Now there are practically infinite colours and designs from which to choose, making it even easier to find the right look to suit your space. 

It’s affordable. Despite what the title of “luxury” might prompt you to think, luxury vinyl flooring is quite affordable, especially when compared to the prices of solid hardwood or tile.

It’s easy to install. Both in necessary material and labour, it’s a much quicker process than wood or stone. Luxury vinyl can even be installed over top of existing flooring which further cuts down on installation costs. 

It’s better for resale. Regular vinyl adds no value, and for most people is a negative. But luxury is nearly identical to wood or stone until you feel it or look close. This gives the option to have the benefits of vinyl without sacrificing style.

It’s easy to care for. And we really mean that. Broom, mop, vacuum or steam cleaner – any of these will do. Luxury vinyl requires no special products to clean it and you don’t have to refinish or reseal it over time. 

It’s long lasting. Because of all its functional benefits, you won’t be needing to replace it anytime soon. With proper installation and basic care a luxury vinyl floor can stay looking that way for 20 years.

How does luxury vinyl compare to wood and tile flooring?

​It’s natural to be a little suspicious that you can get the same timeless look of wood or tile floors while also being waterproof and highly durable, all while at a lower cost. Go ahead and pinch yourself, this isn’t a dream. Luxury vinyl flooring gives any room classic, high-quality look that can rival more traditional luxury flooring types. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We’re luxury vinyl flooring contractors with decades of experience and we can help you find the right luxury vinyl flooring for you.

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