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Installing the Right Type of Floor in Your Mudroom

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Ask skilled tile, cork and vinyl flooring contractors; they’ll tell you that mudroom floors – despite their notoriously messy state-of-affairs – can last, and look stylish too. Choosing the right flooring type for your mudroom can help make the mess more manageable. After all, the right floor for your mudroom will outlast all the muddy footprints, water droplets, and dog nails you can throw at it.

Keep reading. Here are the best flooring types for your mudroom.

Our Flooring Contractors Weigh In: The Best Flooring Types for Your Mudroom

1. Tile
You’ll never go wrong with tile in your mudroom. This sturdy, durable flooring type was basically made for mudrooms, since it’s so easy to clean and can stand up to water, dirt, and mud. If you choose a darker tone for your tile or a pattern, even better as it’ll be harder to see grime. With tile, you have so many options to choose from despite the affordable price point; you can even find tiles that mimic other flooring types, like wood or stone.

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2. Vinyl
Vinyl is another solid choice for a mudroom. It’s one of the most cost-efficient flooring options, but comes in so many hues and pattern choices that you can really style the mudroom the way you want. It’s also inexpensive to replace, if needed due to the high-traffic nature of a mudroom or if you simply want to switch up the style. Vinyl flooring contractors can help you install vinyl properly so that it lasts longer and is more durable against water and grime.

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3. Cork
Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options, but it’s also quite durable. This flooring type has many advantages: it resists liquids and cracks, imprints from furniture don’t last since it springs back, it’s a comfortable flooring to walk on, and it’s a natural insulator so it helps keep a colder area like a mudroom cozy. It’s also long-lasting because the pattern and colour are more than surface-level, they penetrate the entire thickness of the flooring so you won’t see it wear out.

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What not to use?

Hardwood or laminate. Both are susceptible to water, so in a moist area like a mudroom where water, slush and dirt mud are frequent visitors, you might find your investment not lasting as long as you’d like. If you’re set on the style of wood, opting for wood-look tile is a great alternative and creates a beautiful, warm atmosphere.

Choosing the right floor for your mudroom also has to do with choosing the right tile, cork or vinyl flooring contractors. Proper installation is key in order to make sure your mudroom floors stand the test of time. Contact the professionals today; Brothers Flooring will make sure your mudroom floors look just as incredible as the rest of your home.

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