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5 Trends in Hardwood Flooring to Watch for in 2021

hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring

is always on-trend, but within this type of flooring, there are many trends within the trend that you should know about before you decide which you like best.

From different finishes and colours to different plank sizes and wood types, there’s incredible variety when it comes to hardwood flooring trends for 2021. And, since hardwood is a timeless flooring choice, these trends won’t go out of style in a few years—or even a few decades. That’s the beauty of this classic flooring choice.  

Here are our favourite things to consider r with hardwood this year. Showcasing different colours, textures, patterns, finishes, and sizes, these trends bring out the best in hardwood’s timeless appeal.

5 Trends in Hardwood Flooring to Watch for 2021

1. Lighter Colours

Where dark has dominated, more and more homeowners, builders and designers are choosing lighter hardwood flooring. Toned down floors are a gorgeous way to add some simultaneous warmth and brightness to your space. European White Oak is a popular, natural pick, but the options don’t end there: bleached hardwood and hardwood that’s painted in blues or greys are also stunning and invariably trendy.

2. Charcoal

On the other end of the spectrum, dark is going even darker than before. Providing grounding to your space, charcoal hardwood flooring are a jaw-dropping hardwood flooring option. Charcoal is especially beautiful in ultra-modern settings since its strength lends itself beautifully to the clean lines of this aesthetic.

3. Herringbone

The use of patterns is rising to break through the standard linear look. One of the hottest layouts is the herringbone flooring arrangement. This involves placing smaller planks of hardwood at stacking 90-degree angles. Laying your planks in a herringbone pattern creates a tidy elegance that elongates rooms and that can’t quite be replicated with any other pattern.

4. Wide Planks

More and more floors are being installed with wider materials to make the space look more grand. Wide-plank hardwood is considered to be hardwood that’s between 4 to 10 inches wide. This flooring trend has been growing in popularity for a few years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Offering an old-world, rustic aesthetic to your space, wide planks are an inviting, charming hardwood flooring option.

Learn more: Fall in Love with Wide-Plank Hardwood Flooring.

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5. Brushing & Distressing

The textured looks that have been hot for accent walls in recent years are now making their way down to the floor. By scraping soft fibres out of the planks, the brushing process brings out the true wood of hardwood planks, giving them a slightly more worn, distressed look. For an even more distressed look, pre-distressed planks are more readily available than ever. The biggest advantages of both brushed and distressed hardwood floors includes looking more rustic or natural and, thanks to the deeper grooves, being able to hide dirt, and hold up to wear and tear better than smoother finishes. 

Choosing the Right 2021 Hardwood Flooring Trend for You

Whatever type of hardwood flooring you choose, remember that it’s almost impossible to go wrong. From setting trends to following them, hardwood floors can last for decades, so even if you do decide you want to change your look, it can be refinished to create new aesthetics.

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