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Flooring Installation: 5 Questions You Need to Ask Flooring Contractors

Flooring Contractors

In their haste to get home improvements started, many people don’t stop to ask a few important questions about their flooring contractors. Even if you’re not sure you want to enlist the services of a flooring expert and are considering doing it yourself, it’s still important to talk to a professional to make sure you understand the scope of the project and can make the most informed decision.

You can contact us, anytime, for a free consultation. Even if you decide to do the project yourself, we’ll help steer you in the right direction so you avoid any preventable disasters.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Flooring Contractors

1. Are You Insured and Licenced?

It may seem like an awkward question, but we can’t underscore the importance of hiring a flooring contractor who’s both insured and licenced. We know that there are some incredibly talented and competent unlicensed and uninsured flooring contractors out there, but this is often the exception, not the rule.

Having insurance and a licence is an indication that your flooring contractor takes their business, their work and their clients seriously. The licence shows clients that this person’s work meets a certain level of quality. The insurance protects both you and the contractor. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong and the insurance is just a precaution, but now and then accidents do happen.

2. Can I See Some Reviews/Testimonials?

In most cases, you don’t have to even ask for reviews: these are readily available online, on review platforms like HomeStars, Google listings, social media or on the contractor’s own website. All types are important to look at. It’s your floor and your money, after all. Invest it wisely with a flooring contractor with a record built on a solid reputation.

 Flooring Installation

3. Is There Anything That Could Increase the Price of the Job?

Free quotes are an industry-standard but after you’ve looked at the quote, ask if there are any circumstances that could increase the price of the job. If your contractor is removing tile, for instance, and cannot see what’s under there, there might be some levelling or extensive repair work that needs to be done before the contracted job can even begin.

Having an idea of unexpected expenses can help you approach the project with a fuller understanding of its possible scope.

4. How Long Will the Project Take?

One of the biggest complaints of anyone who’s had home improvements done is that it took longer than expected. The clients either did not ask or were not told how long the project should take, what day and times the contractors should be there and even when the project would start.

We make it a point to be as exact as possible about these important details since we know that a renovation can disrupt your life. We understand, however, that other flooring contractors take a more relaxed approach and it doesn’t always sit well with the paying customer.

Remember that you are entitled to know how long the project should take. Again, unforeseen circumstances could delay the job, but your contractor should make you aware of these delays and have you approve any additional costs.

5. What is Your Clean Up Protocol?

Clean up protocol varies from contractor to contractor. Most contractors will sweep and take the waste they’ve brought in with them, but not all will dust and remove the old flooring–not if you don’t ask them too.

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There may also be additional costs for removing old material since your contractor will have to pay to dispose of it. Again, make a point of asking so you’re not left with more than you bargained for when the job is finished.

There are really no questions that are off-limits when it comes asking your flooring contractor about a possible or confirmed project. Don’t worry about sounding silly or too demanding: it’s your project, it’s your money. You have every right to know about the people you are entrusting with your space and you have every right to know how your money is spent.

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