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5 Creative Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Let’s face it: with so many to choose from, it’s difficult to decide which tiles to buy and how to install them. As experienced tile installers in Vaughan and across the GTA, we know all the current tile trends and how to create visual interest using the materials you’ve selected. 

If you’re interested in elevating your bathroom’s look, let’s dive into creative bathroom tile trends that will help inspire your next DIY project. 

The Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

If you’re exploring which tiles to use in your bathroom, these are the tile types that we recommend:

  • Natural Stone: Homeowners looking for a natural, timeless look can’t go wrong with natural stone tiles. They’re water resistant (if not waterproof) and durable, but the hitch is that they are by far the most expensive of all the tile materials.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made from similar materials but processed differently. Ceramic is less dense and absorbent than porcelain unless it’s properly sealed, in which case it’s just as durable. Ceramic is also one of the most affordable tiles on the market!
  • Porcelain: Porcelain is the quintessential bathroom tile, prized for its durability and water resistance. However, it’s more expensive than its cousin, ceramic. It’s available in many patterns, colours, and finishes (matte or gloss) for you to choose from. 
  • Vinyl Tiles: If you’re looking for a cost-effective product that you can lay yourself in a weekend, then vinyl tiles (the peel and stick kind) are a great option. Vinyl tiles are comfortable underfoot, easy to install, water resistant, easy to clean, and come in various colours and patterns. Not to mention, vinyl tiles can also be used on your bathroom walls; keep in mind, this requires more glue or a little help from an experienced tile installer in Vaughan or from the GTA.

Now that you know the best options for tile types, let’s dive into ways to get creative with your tiles. 

Get Creative With Bathroom Tile Designs

If you’re ready to overhaul your bathroom and you’ve got your tile installer in Vaughan or elsewhere at the ready, here are some of the top wall tile designs to consider.

Try a Pattern

Bathroom Tile

One of the easiest ways to bring character to your bathroom is by getting your tile installer in Vaughan or the GTA to lay tiles in a unique pattern. Patterns bring visual interest to your bathroom, give the impression of different dimensions and transform the ambiance based on your chosen design—from elegant to contemporary. 

Here are some desirable patterns to choose from:

  • Chevron: Chevron requires specially cut rectangular tiles that form a gentle zig-zag. This design can complement any style preference, from classic to contemporary; for the latter, try alternating between white and black lines.
  • Herringbone: This is a blend of rectangle sizes that form a “V” and elevates your space to pure timeless elegance. 
  • Staggered Brick: For a twist on the classic subway tiles, get your tile installer from Vaughan to lay rectangular tiles like bricks for a traditional look.
  • Stacked: Bring height to a small bathroom by installing vertical rectangular tiles.
  • Basketweave: Utilize tiny tiles by mimicking the look of a basket; this look complements almost any design.
  • Diagonal: Turn tiling on its head by having your tile installer in Vaughan lay tiles diagonally. A popular way to use this pattern is by breaking up whatever tile design you have by adding a “picture frame” of diagonal tiles.

A simple tile pattern can transform your bathroom space, but there are plenty of options if you want a more unique look. 

Get Playful With Colour

Another way to get creative with tiles is by weaving colour into the wall pattern you install. For instance, if you decide to have your tile contractor lay a chevron pattern, you can do alternating rows of colours, like white and black, for a modern look. 

Remix Your Bathroom With Different Tile Shapes

For homeowners who want to remix the look of their washroom, ditch rectangular tiles for an interesting shape that draws the eye. Here are some tile shapes worth installing in your bathroom:

  • Hexagon: Add a fresh look to your washroom with the classic, six-sided hexagon tile. Try alternating neutral with a coloured hexagon tile if you want some pizzazz.
  • Penny Rounds: Bring life into your washroom with penny rounds (round tiles) for a stunning contemporary finish.
  • Fish Scale: Make a statement with fish scale tiles in your bathroom; you’ll be sure to draw compliments from your guests. 
  • Arabesque: If you want your bathroom to feel exotic, look no further than arabesque tiles. 

Unique tile shapes can bring whimsy or elegance to your bathroom for an impactful upgrade. 

Rethink Tile Size

Another way to bring new life to your bathroom is by changing the tile size. For small bathrooms, why not try large format tiles? With fewer grout lines, it gives the illusion of a slab look and makes your washroom appear larger. Alternatively, install small tiles like penny rounds in an interesting pattern if you want to get creative. 

Add a Graphic Tile


The final way to insert your personality into a bathroom tile design is by using a graphic pattern on walls, floors or backsplashes. Alternatively, you can get your tile installer in Vaughan or elsewhere to pattern a graphic tile into the design scheme for added visual interest. Other than classic mosaic tiles, these are the most popular graphic tiles:

  • Wood, Stone, or Marble-Look
  • Encaustic
  • Art Deco
  • Moroccan 
  • Black and White Patterns

Getting creative with your bathroom tiles doesn’t have to be complicated. Even a tiny change can transform the ambiance of a small bathroom space, without costing you an arm and a leg. 

How to Create Visual Interest With Bathroom Tiles

If you’re ready to revamp the look of your bathroom, then why not get creative with these tile ideas? It doesn’t matter if you want your space to be contemporary or elegant; there’s a design to match your style!

If you’re at a loss for how to restyle your bathroom, give the Brothers Flooring a call for a free consultation. We’re always happy to help you discover the best tile design for your washroom. 

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