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The Top 5 Bathroom Colour Trends

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It’s no secret that bathrooms and kitchen renovations sell homes. But even if you don’t plan on selling in the near future, updating your bathroom is a great way to help transform your home into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, these are the top five bathroom colour trends of 2023 that you’ll want to consider for your next bathroom update.

The Top 5 Bathroom Colours of 2023

Bathrooms are one of the more practical rooms in your house, but rather than just giving the room a “facelift” why not use some of 2023’s natural and calming colours to beautify the space? Give your bathroom more than just a practical identity; elevate it to something extraordinary thanks to these gorgeous hues.

Earth Tones

If you prefer neutrals, then you’re in luck: earthy browns are in. Light browns and beiges are trending, but they’re always in style. So if you’re hiring a tile installer in Vaughan or elsewhere to renovate the shower stall, you can’t go wrong with brown.

Style Tips

Level up the style of your bathroom with these tips:

  • Brown tiles are available in any tile material, from ceramic to natural stone.
  • Brown pairs well with another carry-over trend from last year, metallics. Add some gold accents, and it will make brown tiles pop! Finally, since earth tones are natural, adding plants brings serenity to the space.

Soft Greens

If you’ve got a tile installer in Vaughan or the GTA coming to renovate your bathroom and you want something more impactful than a neutral colour, try green. Whether you’re soaking in your tub or washing off a hard day with a shower, your bathroom is a place of relaxation and there’s nothing more soothing than green. Green makes us think of trees and plants, so create a zen space with pastel greens. Or, get cozy with a splash of olive green!

Style Tips

Elevate your use of green with these tips:

  • You’ll find green tiles in ceramic, porcelain, limestone, or cement tiles.
  • If you don’t want your bathroom to become a forest—floor-to-ceiling green—then pace yourself by using green as an accent alongside neutral tiles (white or light brown). In fact, green tiles look wonderful when mixed with natural stone and you can try metallic gold accents to complete the look of your bathroom.

Beautiful Blues

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For some homeowners, a bathroom wouldn’t be complete without blue. After all, it exudes the sense of water. In colour therapy, blue is healing, tranquil, and calming, so who wouldn’t want to get a tile installer in Vaughan or the GTA to lay such a lovely tile colour? Some trending shades of blue are pale pastels for a calming touch or captivating jewel tones like teal. Like green, intermix neutral tiles with pops of blue for best results.

Style Tips

Beautify your blue bathroom with these pairing tips:

  • Blue tiles are typically manufactured materials like ceramic or porcelain.
  • Blue pairs well with whites for an airy feel, blacks for a moody look, or browns for a sophisticated look. Do use metallics like gold to accent the space. Also, consider having tile installers in Vaughan lay patterned blue tiles, like the ever-popular geometric style. Or, create a mermaid tail/scaling look with scalloped tiles.

Perfectly Pink

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Gone are the days of electric pink tiles; in 2023, we’re seeing homeowners turn to light pastel pinks or peachy pinks. Pink is the colour of love, so if you want to find love and comfort in your bathroom, try a muted pink. Not to mention it’s a warm colour for an otherwise cold space.

Style Tips

Here’s how to make pink work for your bathroom:

  • You’ll find pink or peach tiles in ceramic or porcelain tiles.
  • Peach looks lovely with light brown tiles or plain white. Make pink more trendy using different tile shapes like hexagons or patterned peachy-toned tiles.

Neutral Grey

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Grey has overtaken beige and white as the most popular neutral, so it should be no surprise that it makes the list of top hues for 2023. Whether you use grey wall paint or tile your bathroom grey, you can’t go wrong.

Style Tips

Here’s how to optimize a grey bathroom:

  • Grey tiles are available in every material, like ceramic, porcelain, cement, or natural stone and compliment natural tile patterns nicely.
  • Grey natural stone tiles look incredible with gold accents. Because grey is neutral, tiling a bathroom from floor to ceiling in grey would look amazing. To complete the look, add a few plants for some colour to tie it all together.

The Best Bathroom Colours of 2023

If you’ve hired a tile installer from Vaughan or elsewhere to renovate your bathroom, consider these popular colours before you start updating the space. Whether you prefer a traditional neutral like earthy browns or grey or a pop of colour like green, blue, or peach, any of these trending colours are a great way to transform your space and bring some life into a functional space.

If you’re unsure which colour or tile material works best in your bathroom, give the Brothers Flooring a call today for a free consultation. We’d be happy to help you determine which colours best compliment your bathroom and help you transform your space.

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