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5 Innovative Wood Floors You Should Consider

Wood Flooring

5 Innovative Wood Flooring Choices to Update Your Space

There are many more flooring material choices on the market than just the standard hardwood, engineered wood, stone, etc.; in fact, there’s an entire market for unusual wood flooring. So, if you’re looking to install beautiful wood floors that will turn heads and spark conversation, then you’re going to want to explore some of these exciting wood flooring trends. 

The 5 Creative Wood Flooring Choices That Will Elevate the Look of Your Space

If you’re ready to install wood flooring but you want something more than just traditional hardwood, then consider some of these innovative wood materials.


Wood Floors

What’s amazing about Bolefloor is that they’ve reenvisioned the look of wood flooring. Rather than cutting wood planks into uniform, straight boards, Bolefloor makes curved floorboards. These curved and closer to nature floorboards give the impression you’re walking on a live edge table. Live edge tables and counters are on trend and make your space feel more natural, so why not add a curved Bolefloor to your space to create a similar ambiance?

Here are some characteristics of Bolefloor:

  • According to Bolefloors, utilising a tree’s natural curvature reduces waste and highlights your beautiful and unique floor.
  • Bolefloors come in solid wood or engineered wood varieties.
  • Engineered flooring is compatible with hydronic heating services.
  • Bole flooring is available in ash, oak, cherry, and walnut.
  • This company grades the wood used based on quality:
  • Select: It doesn’t have knots and isn’t sapwood.
  • Natural: Small knots and cat paws are visible and it’s sapwood.
  • Rustic: There are dark knots and filled cracks (up to 2mm) and it’s sapwood.

With plenty of options to choose from, Bolefloor could be exactly what you need to liven up your spaces. 

Reclaimed Wine or Whisky Barrel Flooring

An interesting concept lately is to reclaim wine or whisky barrels (usually the lids), so they don’t end up as waste by turning them into a dream flooring that pays homage to the wines or whiskeys you love. Because these floors use reclaimed wine or whisky barrel lids, each piece is unique and still bears the wine or whisky brands logo, giving your floor as much character as the wines these barrels once contained. 

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed woods like barn boards have already stood the test of time and are ready for a second life as your new wood flooring! Forget traditional hardwood; turn your space into a rustic country dream house with reclaimed hardwood flooring. Some key reasons why you should consider reclaimed hardwoods are:

  • They are an economical choice for bringing hardwood into your room. 
  • You cannot beat the character of reclaimed boards or the richness they bring to your space.
  • They’re environmentally friendly, as installing reclaimed wood flooring has less of a footprint than buying and laying new hardwood.
  • An experienced flooring contractor can help you find many reclaimed wood options, so you can find the best one for your space.

Why pay for new wood when old looks even better? 

Plywood Planks

Another great eco-friendly option that won’t break the bank is plywood planks. It may seem a little unusual to install plywood plank wood flooring, but believe it or not, it’s durable, it can be stained in many appealing colours, and it’s affordable. 

In addition, the plywood used to make flooring is construction-grade, adding to its durability. Here are some of the benefits of using plywood planks:

  • Plywood consists of angled layers of wood veneer that’s glued and compressed under heat, meaning it’s less likely to expand. Although, it does need a top coat to make it more durable.
  • These floors are great anywhere you would install hardwood, but avoid damp rooms like the kitchen or basement.
  • There are many finishing techniques that you can apply to upscale the look of your plywood flooring, like paper bagging (glueing down brown paper to create a marbled look), wallpapering the floor or painting the floor (patterns or a solid colour). 

Plywood planks aren’t for everyone, but they’re absolutely a unique, innovative choice for  the brave. 


You may have heard of the other innovative flooring choices, but cordwood is truly novel. It’s typically done by an experienced flooring contractor or by a seasoned DIYer. Cordwood flooring involves cutting logs into wooden discs, and these circular tree cuts are then fixed to the floor and mortared to the ground. Finally, it’s treated with a polyurethane finish. The effect is a stunning woodsy ambiance that’s perfect for homeowners that want that rustic country look. 

Get Creative With These Innovative Wood Floors

For some homeowners, having unique flooring is all it takes to fall back in love with their space. If these trends have piqued your interest, it might be time to consider installing any of these innovative wood floorings to bring new life to your home. 

For homeowners that aren’t sure which flooring to use, don’t hesitate to call the Brothers Flooring for a risk-free consultation and let us help you determine which wood flooring (or other material) would complement your room. With our 20+ years of experience, we’re confident we can help you choose and install the right flooring!

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