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Fall Chores For Your Floors

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The arrival of Autumn in Canada means we say goodbye to our patio furniture—no more outdoor living space once the snow flies—as we move indoors for the cooler winter months. Once the leaves fall, there’s lots of outdoor chores to do in preparation for winter, but what about inside? What winter-ready indoor chores should you add to your to-do list? And what about your floors?

You may not realize, but there are some ways you can clean and protect your flooring in preparation for the upcoming winter season. Read on, and we’ll explain how to properly maintain your floors!

Fall Maintenance Guide for Your Floors


Once you’ve finished cleaning out the gutters, it’s time you turn your attention indoors and onto your floors. Here’s what you can do to prep for the winter per flooring material.


If you’ve got carpet floors, roll up your sleeves! 

In the summer, homeowners leave their windows open, welcoming pollen and other allergens inside, which means that come fall, it’s time to pull out the steam cleaner to do a deep clean. Of course, you want to vacuum before steam cleaning to pick up any loose debris. By completing both tasks, you can rest easy knowing your floors are free of allergens and other irritants.


If you’ve got ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tile flooring, your fall maintenance is less reactive than carpet (removing allergens) and more proactive by first vacuuming or sweeping the surface. Next, mop the tiles and once the tiles are dry, meticulously check for scratches, dents, dings, fading, or damage to the grout. What you’re looking for is visible signs that your flooring needs new grout or the top-coat sealant needs another layer as it’s wearing thin. If you’re unsure if your floors need maintenance, call a flooring contractor, like The Brothers Flooring, for a second opinion.

You may wonder why you should check for imperfections in your tile during the fall months. Simple, tiles are commonly found in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, hall, or dining room—all of which will see an uptick in use. If you regularly host holiday parties, you know how damaging chairs scraping against your floors can be. Not to mention, mud and road salt will be tracked across your floors. All of which point to the fact you need to protect your tiles before the holiday season and winter starts!


The most popular flooring choice that flooring contractors install is hardwood. Akin to tiles, winter is abusive on flooring, so you want to perform a thorough check that your hardwood floors are properly sealed and undamaged. To check to see if your floor sealant is still working, drop a dollop of water on the surface, and if it beads up, your floors are sealed. 

To determine whether your hardwood floors are functioning and not in need of repair, they shouldn’t have a surplus of scratches, discolouration, nail perforation, signs of water damage, visible signs of heavy wear and tear, or creaking as you walk across them. If you notice any of the above-mentioned, it’s time to call a reputable flooring contractor.


If you have vinyl plank or laminate flooring, popular wood-look alternatives to real wood floors, you too have fall chores. The first step to winter readiness is to sweep and mop to pick up mud, allergens, or other irritants. Next, as you’re cleaning, assess the integrity of your plank flooring by looking for warping, buckling, or gaps; if you notice any concerns, it’s time to consider replacing your flooring. If not, your floors are ready for the upcoming season.

Get Your Floors Ready for Fall

Autumn is a beautiful season in Canada, with leaves taking on bountiful warm hues. It also marks the time when we say goodbye to the warm weather by performing fall chores in preparation for the winter months. But homeowners often forget about their floors, an oversight that could lead to problems down the road thanks to the holiday season wear and tear, road salt, and lots and lots of snow melting off your boots—all of which threaten the integrity of your flooring! So take it from a flooring contractor; not only do you want to clean your floors thoroughly, but you also want to assess and safeguard them!

If you need help coming up with an autumn flooring cleaning guide for your floors or if your floors could use some love, call us, the Brothers Flooring, for a free consultation! We’re here to help you maintain your flooring so it lasts generations! 

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