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Flooring Trends for Contemporary Design

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If your home pays homage to all things contemporary, you may wonder which flooring best complements this design. After all, contemporary design embraces minimalistic elements and simplicity, which can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to tying the room together. But as experienced flooring contractors, we’ve got you covered with the best flooring trends that pair perfectly with a contemporary style. Keep reading for more details. 

What Is Contemporary Design?

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Before we dive into the flooring types that suit contemporary design, let’s review its style components. Contemporary interior design’s essence is simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. However, there is a difference between contemporary and modern designs. Modernism and contemporary design share the same fundamental principle of simplicity, but modernism’s simplicity is about the lack of decoration, while contemporary’s simplicity allows for playful design elements, like neutral walls with splashes of colourful decorations.

Contemporary design elements can include:

  • Simplicity by way of neutral colours
  • Minimalism, i.e., no clutter or excess
  • Functionality, i.e., everything is purposeful, like track lighting
  • An element of nature indoors using floral arrangements or potted plants
  • A strong emphasis on metals accents
  • Open floor plans in living spaces help to showcase flooring
  • Natural lighting, such as drape-free windows
  • Textures for a simple yet elegant way to jazz up the space 

Contemporary design is anything but cold. The simplicity paired with playful, colourful elements creates a beautiful but welcoming space in any home. 

The Best Flooring for Contemporary Design

Now that you’ve decided that contemporary design is right for you, you’re ready to identify the best flooring for your contemporary space; but what are your choices?


We mentioned that contemporary design likes to bring a hint of nature indoors, and there is nothing more natural than hardwood flooring. Plus, contemporary styling is associated with large open living spaces, and installing hardwood flooring will help the floors stand out in a large space. 

Hardwood is ideal for contemporary design thanks to its natural ambiance (bringing nature indoors), its functionality (hardwearing and can be resanded), its simplicity (neutral and with some texture), and its overall beauty. Hardwood also has a strong return on investment, which appeals to any homeowner. This means even though the cost to buy material and install it will be higher, homeowners will make their money back when they sell, as hardwood is typically the most popular flooring choice with prospective buyers.  

Natural Stone Tile

Another popular flooring material that encompasses contemporary design elements like simplicity (neutral) and functionality (durability) is natural stone tiles. Natural stone, similar to hardwood, brings nature indoors. However, stone also adds texture and metallic accents to your space, depending on the stone you use. Keep in mind that laying stone can be tricky, so you want to ensure you hire the best tile flooring company near you to ensure the job gets done correctly.

Look Tiles

Best Flooring Trends

The last flooring material that suits contemporary design trends is wood-look or stone-look ceramic or porcelain tiles. These tiles are affordable and durable for homeowners that want the look and feel (you can install textured tiles) of hardwood or natural stone. For all the same reasons hardwood and natural stone adhere to contemporary design ethos, so do these wood-or-stone-look tiles. 

What About Contemporary Flooring Design Trends?

We’ve discussed the best flooring materials for contemporary design, but we can’t forget about flooring designs or patterns that suit the style too. 

Large Format Tiles

If you’re using tiles in your space, you can opt for large format tiles to create visual interest and provide clean lines and an uncluttered look. In addition, large format tiles are excellent for smaller spaces, as fewer grout lines lead to the appearance of a bigger room. 

Neutral Grainy Hardwood

There are many hardwood species and applications, like bleaching or staining hardwood darker, but which one is most on par with contemporary styling? The answer is simple: anything goes so long as you can clearly make out the wood grain. White floors are very airy and bright, while dark floors are moody and can define a space (as long as they’re paired with brighter, simplistic furniture). 

Wide Plank Hardwood

Another option for hardwood is using wide plank flooring. Just like large format tiles, wide planks are great for making your space feel larger, allowing the wood grain to be a focal point in the room. 


If you’ve hired the best flooring company near you to install hardwood flooring, why not consider using a herringbone pattern? Herringbone is a traditional pattern that creates visual interest with its zigzag design while retaining its contemporary appeal.  


Create a lived-in look with hand-scraped textured hardwood flooring. It turns your new hardwood into something more rustic and traditional. The same goes for stone-look tiles. Be sure to consider textured flooring, as it effectively brings texture into your contemporary space.

Contemporary Design Flooring Trends

If you’ve hired the best flooring company near you and are ready to renovate your space so it’s more contemporary, then these are the best flooring materials and design ideas to incorporate into your interior design. The secret to contemporary interior design is keeping everything natural, neutral, simple, and functional. However, if you want your flooring to be a focal point, consider changing the board or tile size, adding texture, or using a simple, timeless pattern like herringbone.

And for homeowners who still aren’t sure which material or design to use in their contemporary space, please give the Brothers Flooring a call today. We offer free consultations and with over 20 years in the industry, we’re happy to help you discover the best flooring material or design for your contemporary room! 

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