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Ceramic Tile: The Healthy Choice for Home and Environment

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It’s safe to say that with all the technological advancements happening across the world, humanity has started to pay close attention to the health of our bodies and the planet’s health. 

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with ceramic tile or your next flooring project; to answer this question, let’s look at an example. Once upon a time, we used asbestos as insulation in homes until science revealed asbestos exposure was linked to various human diseases like cancers or asbestosis. Naturally, we learned asbestos negatively impacted human health, so we discontinued use. In contrast, if you’re looking for flooring or wall material for tile installers in Toronto or the GTA to lay that is safe for you and the environment, look no further than ceramic tiles! Unlike asbestos or other flooring materials, ceramic tiles are a good, healthy choice for you and the planet, so read on to find out why you should consider using them for your next flooring project!

Ceramic is Free of Harmful Chemicals & Irritants

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What makes ceramic tiles a healthier choice for you over other flooring materials? Ceramic does not contain any of the following harmful chemicals and irritants:

  • Allergens: What allergens? You won’t find any allergens with ceramic tile as it’s impervious to irritants like bacteria, dust mites, fungi, and mould.


  • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is commonly found in fibreboard, particle board, or plywood binders. This chemical is a known irritant to those with respiratory issues like asthma. It has become such a widespread problem that the US has restricted its use in composites under the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act.


  • PVC: PVC is used in vinyl flooring to increase stability and flexibility. The trouble is PVC contains phthalates and organotins, which health experts agree is concerning as they affect the endocrine system.


  • VOCs: VOCs are found in a wide variety of flooring materials, like laminate or vinyl plank. Ceramic is free of VOCs because extremely high temperatures kill them. VOCs are a gas that leads to health concerns like nausea, headaches, and sinus irritations.

Ceramic Tile is Easy to Clean

Not only is using ceramic tile healthy for humans as it’s free of chemicals and irritants, but it’s also one of the easiest flooring materials to care for. However, you can negate ceramic’s healthy properties by not maintaining them. For instance, regularly cleaned ceramic tiles create an inhospitable environment for bacteria and irritants. You only have to keep the tile clean that tile installers from Toronto put in by routinely sweeping, mopping, and spot-cleaning messes. 

You also want to keep an eye on the grout and tiles, ensuring they don’t show signs of wear and tear, as it’ll weaken the integrity of your floors. If you notice your floors are beginning to look rough, call a professional tile installer in the GTA or Toronto immediately to repair them so they last longer.

Ceramic: An Environmentally-Friendly Flooring

What makes ceramic eco-friendly? Well, the composition of ceramic is made from natural materials, making it a sustainable flooring choice. Not to mention, North American ceramic is UL-certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as it has a low carbon and fossil fuel depletion footprint.

Further, ceramic tile is durable and will last for generations, and when you’re ready to update your flooring, ceramic is recyclable.

Ceramic is Economical

If you’re now strongly considering ceramic tile for your next flooring renovation, there is another point worth mentioning: It’s affordable! Ceramics won’t break the bank, unlike its cousin, natural stone tiles or the ever-trendy hardwood flooring. However, when you’re setting a budget for your next flooring project unless you have experience installing tiles, you may want to consider hiring a professional tile installer to do the job. If you’re looking for a free consultation, don’t forget to call us, the Brothers Flooring!

Why You Should Consider Ceramic Tile

If you want your next flooring project to be healthy for your family and the planet, you should strongly consider ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile isn’t just for your kitchen or bathroom; it suits any room as it is hygienic, stylish, and practical. As we’ve established, ceramic doesn’t harbour germs like other floorings, such as carpet. Still, ceramic tiles are just as stylish as other floorings as they come in many traditional or trending colours, patterns, and designs. Lastly, ceramic is also practical as you can install radiant heating to add heat to your space, but it’s always a long-lasting and durable addition to your room.

If you’re in the midst of conceiving your next room renovation and you like the sounds of ceramic tile, but you’ve still got questions or want more information, then give us, the Brothers Flooring, a call for a no-risk consultation!

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