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The Flooring Contractors Guide to Bathroom Flooring Trends

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Take it from our flooring installers: one of the best rooms in your house to update that will increase the value and appeal of your home is your bathroom. Aside from paint, the easiest way to spruce up even something as small as your powder room is by installing a trendy but timeless floor.

When it comes to your bathroom, the key is keeping the design both practical and stylish. You want to have practical flooring that doesn’t trap moisture in, making it easier to clean and sanitize. Having a stylish floor sets the tone for your bathroom interior design. Anything from modern farmhouse wood-look tiles to subtle matte tiles in white for a more Scandinavian finish can help enhance your space.

Read on for some of the most popular bathroom flooring trends.

Bathroom Flooring Trends

The Flooring Contractors Guide to Bathroom Flooring Trends

With so many current flooring styles, trends and materials to choose from, we’ve divided up the flooring choices into type (e.g., tiles), colour, patterns and shapes, and finish.

As flooring contractors, we see a lot of bathroom flooring varieties being installed right now. Anything from the ever-popular subway tiles to vinyl or laminates. But the current trends favour both traditional tiles or water-resistant materials like luxury vinyl or cork.
Tiles: Made of ceramic or porcelain, the appeal of this waterproof flooring will never go away because it is durable, well priced and quite easy to maintain. Plus with tile, the options for colours or finishes are virtually endless making it a great choice for your bathroom.
Luxury Vinyl: This man-made water-resistant flooring option is made to look like the real thing (wood, stone) and with its budget-friendly pricing and how simple it is to install, it’s no wonder why it’s gaining in popularity.
Cork: The water-resistant eco-friendly cork flooring option has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Not to mention, cork is warm and soft underfoot making it an excellent flooring choice for your shower room.

2. Colours
With an array of trendy, calming colours to choose from, we suggest you opt for a colour that you’re drawn to and that compliments your bathroom design so you can enjoy it for years to come. The top colours for bathroom flooring are:

    • Whites: This will never go out of style, especially for your bathroom. Nothing says ‘squeaky clean’ the way sparkling white tiles do.
    • Greys: Anything grey is trending, from wall paint to furniture and now it’s even found its way into wood-look and porcelain tile flooring. And since this shade is neutral it pairs well with just about any scheme.
    • Creams: Rounding out the top colour choices are creams like blonde wood-look tiles. They offer a bit more warmth and anything white or off-white will help to make your bathroom appear larger.

3.Patterns and Shapes
Some of the most unexpected bathroom flooring trends are captivating tile patterns. This is in part why tiles are such popular choices for bathroom flooring. But it’s not just patterns that are in style, it’s the shape of the tiles too. The current pattern trends we are seeing include:

  • Geometrics: Especially in black and white as they give an old-world vibe that lends well to the modern farmhouse look.
  • Hexagon Shaped: Using hexagon-shaped tiles in a neutral colour gives your bathroom floor or even shower more pizzazz without the need for a bold pattern.
  • Subway Tiles: These are not your traditional subway tiles. The current ‘subway tiles’ have been reimagined by lengthening them, adding texture and doing them in a whole host of colours and finishes. Hire a flooring contractor and create more complex patterns using the tiles for more interest.

Contrasting Grout: The application of coloured grout lines can add an extra visual element that highlights tile shapes and brings even simple layouts to life. Grout coloured the same as the tile surface blends in and makes the layout look more continuous, but contrasting looks (like black grout lines on white subway tiles) can enhance and amplify for visual effect.

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4. Finishes
As mentioned, tiles are preferred for bathrooms by homeowners because of their versatility. There are so many design options to choose from to elevate basic tile to something much more trendy. The current bathroom flooring finishes that you can’t go wrong with are:

  • Wood-Look Tiles: Replicating the look of hardwood, but doing it on durable and moisture-proof materials so there’s no fear of warping is one of the hottest looks for your home — your bathroom included. Wood-look tiles in neutrals, similar to hardwood flooring, are universally appealing so they will not only add value to your home but they’ll last you for years to come.
  • Matte Finishes: The subtle no-gloss finish or matte has really emerged as an excellent option, especially for shower floors. Matte isn’t just visually appealing, it’s also practical as it’s more slip-resistant, easier to clean and it doesn’t show water or buildup the same way gloss does.
  • Marble-Look Tiles: Artificial veining, similar to wood-grains, is laser-printed on porcelain tiles to make them look more like marble. It’s cost-effective and has the same opulent finish that real marble does, but with more functional benefits and less maintenance.

2020 Bathroom Flooring Trends

You can have both a stylish and practical bathroom by going with any of these bathroom flooring options. Contact us today and one of our bathroom flooring contractors will help you decide which options are best for your aesthetic, space, and budget.

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