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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Herringbone Wood Floors


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Patterned wood flooring installation doesn’t get any more stunning than herringbone. Of all the possible layouts, herringbone brings personality to a space while also emitting a timeless appeal.

Herringbone (sometimes referred to as parquet block) is a popular style in which small wooden planks are placed in zigzags, creating a design that emulates the bones of a fish in a very chic way. You can use solid hardwood or engineered hardwood to achieve a herringbone layout, and regardless of which you choose, the result will be stunning.

However, there are other considerations other than design you should account for when choosing between solid and engineered hardwood. Learn about them in our blog, Which Hardwood Flooring is Best for You?

Now let’s get to our top five reasons you should consider herringbone wood floors.

5 Reasons to Consider Herringbone Wood Flooring Installation

1. Adds Character to Rooms

Herringbone is one of the most popular wood flooring installation styles because it combines a natural material look with extra visual interest. This can help bring drama and atmosphere to a room without having to go big and bold in other elements of the design – wall colour, furniture, rugs, artwork etc. A good floor is a staple in any home, and the herringbone is a great choice to make it pop.

2. Durable and Long-Lasting

You can never go wrong with wood flooring installation, and herringbone floors are no exception. Wooden floors are timeless both in their durability and style. Paying the extra money for quality wooden floors is worth it since they come with the assurances of resale value and that they will not wear out or go out of style.

Add the herringbone design to this–a pattern absorbs compression and increases structural stability–and you’ve got an even more robust floor.

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3. Customized Look

While herringbone is a classic layout, it gives a personalized look to your flooring–especially when you use more eclectic colour and textures. For instance, an unfinished hardwood floor in a herringbone layout can create a simultaneously rugged and elegant aesthetic that will instantly elevate the appearance of your space for a more customized creation. No matter the wood type, finish, or plank size, laying it in a herringbone pattern will help it stand out from straight layouts.

4. European Style

There’s no question that Europe is known for being stylish in all facets, and home architecture is no exception. Herringbone is incredibly popular throughout Europe, especially France, so if you want some Parisian sophistication in your space, this floor layout is a perfect way to go.

5. Creates Movement and Space in Your Home

The zigzagging layout of a herringbone wood flooring installation creates arrows on your floor which produce the look of movement. This intricate design will bring some fluidity and life into your space. It can also help make rooms look longer and larger than they are. Naturally your eye will be drawn to the widest part of the design, which takes your eye in the direction they go. So consider it in foyers, hallways and bathrooms for a grandiose feel.

Herringbone Wood Floors

Almost any home has a room (or rooms) where a herringbone layout would really shine, so if you’re intrigued by this classic flooring design, contact us. It’s one of our service specialities and as always, we are happy to help.

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