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A Flooring Contractor’s Guide to Dealing with Home Renos

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Undertaking a renovation is stressful. There’s no easy way to upend a room in your house and not have it impact you. It would be nice to just skip over the renovation pains but that’s unrealistic (even if you’re living off-site during a remodel) because—and take it from our experienced flooring contractors—even knowing your space is being renovated can unsettle your sense of calm and order.

The best way to deal with a home reno is to plan it out beforehand. This will give you a clear sense of what needs to be done so you can be prepared and stay on track. As experienced flooring contractors, these are our recommendations to limit your stress during a home renovation.

A Flooring Contractor’s Guide to Dealing With Home Renovations

Wood Flooring Installation

  1. Planning is Key
  • Using a simple day planner will help stay on top of the happenings for the day/week. Here is a breakdown of the perks of day-by-day planning:
  • You can keep track of all your appointments—especially during a major renovation as you’ll have multiple tradespeople coming and going. Planning will allow you a chance to make arrangements so you’re present for any need-to-be-there appointments.
  • It allows you to make arrangements for childcare or pet sitting, if necessary.
  • Have your contractor give you a proposed schedule so you can follow along for larger home improvements. This will allow you to build your own schedule around theirs.
    Part of planning is selecting the correct season to start your renovation project. If you’re removing outdoor flooring or doing an addition, then you’ll want to renovate during the nicer weather.
  1. Set a Budget
    Don’t settle with the first quote you get on a renovation; get multiple quotes so you can assess the value of your reno — and set aside the correct funds to pay for the job. Naturally, there will be unforeseen costs, so make sure you have a ‘just in case’ reserve fund to ease the burden. You can contact us for a free quote for your flooring reno now.
  2. Choose the Right Contractor
    You want to get a feel for prospective contractors. Do you get along? Do they seem trustworthy? Another way to determine whether you want to work with a contractor is by looking up reviews on homestars.com or other sites like it. Read the good and bad reviews and then meet the contractor and if they check off all the boxes in person too, read the contract thoroughly and sign on the dotted line.

Floor Laying & Refinishing

  1. Have a Construction-Free Zone
    Most renovations allow you to remain inside your house. If this is the case for you, find a space in your home that you can seal off from the work zone noise and dust and make this your stress-free sanctuary. When things get stressful, you’ll want to escape to your relaxation room and shut out the chaos of the renovation. This will help you to remain calm and grounded throughout the process.
  2. If Necessary, Stay Off-Site
    If you’re about to embark on a massive renovation or a reno that will impact your daily living (kitchen) then if possible have a back-up plan to get you out of the house. Stay with friends, family members, neighbours, or at a hotel for all or some of the renovation.
  3. How to Deal with Home Renos

It would be nice if you could just skip over the messy business of updating your living space, but rest assured that the reno is worth the stunning results—especially when you choose trustworthy experts. Use this plan and contact us if you have any questions. As always, we’re here and happy to help!



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